Friday, March 28, 2014

Book Challenge Update

I'm about 80 iPad pages from completing my sixth book of 2014! I'll likely finish it this weekend. Here's a recap of my initial six books:
1. Gone Girl - I technically started this right after Christmas, but am including it as I read most of it in 2014. Starts slow, gets crazy, and ends crazier!!

2. Margot - fictional story if Margot Frank had not died in a concentration camp. It was an intriguing story and addressed some of the treatment of Jews in America after WW11 that I wasn't aware of but hard to consider since Margot was a real person who was killed

3-5. Divergent, Insurgent, & Allegiant (Divergent series) - I almost feel badly counting these as they are teen books, but they're books and not short ones! I enjoyed the first two books and read them quickly, but the last book was slow and I didn't love the ending.

6. Redfield Farm - this is what I'm still reading, but it's so good! I started it on Sunday if that gives any indication. :) It's about a Quaker family who works the Underground Railroad freeing slaves.

Not sure what I'll pick-up next. I have several options to consider from! I'm liking this challenge and hoping it'll be a "resolution" type challenge I achieve. :)