Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Anyone who has spent time with me studying God's word learns quickly that I absolutely positively LOVE the Old Testament. There are so many reasons why:
- the history!
- Judaism and the nation of Israel
- Jesus was a Jew
- the pace and story telling format
- the prophecy
- the prophecy of Jesus
- studying it richens the New Testament
- I relate to many of the people
- and on and on

And of the Old Testament, one of my most favorite books is Exodus. I know that's probably weird, but I don't care. :) This book has been used to deepen my faith, see the picture of Jesus' sacrifice more clearly, and understand the process of chains of slavery being broken to release freedom in Christ.

I've written devotionals here and there on the book, and have always had a little nagging to write a study - one that specifically focuses on freedom from slavery. I've typically pushed it aside thinking that'd be a waste of time since I'd just be writing it for me. Yesterday, while looking through my resources and running across a devo I wrote on Exodus 14, I realized it doesn't matter if I'm the only one who ever reads it. I learn more about God's word when I'm writing. I dig deeper, look for connections, and cross-compare with other parts of Scripture. So, I'm going to start. Not sure what it'll look like or if it'll go anywhere. I'm considering if I'll share as I go or wait until the end to see if there's anything worth sharing (well of course the bible is worth sharing, more my part in studying it).

And if nothing else, excited to dive even deeper into this fabulous book. I know it'll bless my heart and I pray draw me closer to the Lord. That makes everything worth it.