Monday, January 6, 2014


January 5th

1. Something you're reading
Well, I want to start this one off with a challenge I'm attempting! I've seen various folks discuss book challenges - the empty shelf challenge in which you empty a book shelf and aim to fill it with books you read through the year, the 50 book challenge, etc. I was going to do the empty book challenge, but I already have stacks of books in places since I love books, so opted to do a number of books challenge. But, 50 is a little too aggressive so I'm going for 25. I love reading but have found with solo living that I'm more apt to watch ridiculousness on television in downtime instead of read (well, to be honest, I did that with a roommate, too...we watched a lot of random lifetime movies...).

But, what I'm currently reading is Gone Girl. I don't know exactly how I feel about it yet, but I'm almost halfway through, which is when everyone says the plot twist hook hits and you can't put it down. Not sure what I'll pick next! I have a collection of books at home, but then I've also heard about some others... Though, I probably need to read from my home list, first! :) At least a few.

2. Something you're making
Last year was a year of deciding not to wait on marriage anymore. To do things I wanted to do, experience life, etc. I realized I had mentally put some things aside to "save" until marriage and family. One thing I'd somewhat held was holiday decorating. I know, weird. I'd decorate for Christmas, but never really any other time, though I'd have ideas.

So, no more! I was playing on Pinterest and saw a cute crocheted heart garland that I decided to start for Valentine's. Then, since I already dislike January, I decided to make it more festive and began a snowflake garland. Hopefully I finish before the end of January. :) I have a few other little things I'm going to make. I won't go crazy with these other holidays as Christmas is the big one to me (and I don't have that much storage space), but it's fun to have a bit more festiveness.

3. Something you're seeing
In my Pinterest playing, I discovered a definition to my decor style. Bohemian Vintage. I've always had a picture of what I like, but had difficulty explaining it. I knew it included some Anthropologie style, but also some art deco, lots of color, and then anything French. Well, I realized this is it! Essentially it's a mix of things that seemingly do not go together, but then come together through their organization. That's where the bohemian comes in. Lots of color, lots of patterns, but put together artfully so it is not overwhelming. It includes lots of pieces and items from different places - kind of like little finds that you pepper together.

I discovered a blog through my pinning that is interestingly titled Bohemian Vintage. Now, the author doesn't only focus on this style and I don't necessarily love all of her images (i.e. she seems to like 70s furniture, whereas my preference is a little older), but it is interesting. The fabric and pattern designer Anna Maria Horner also fits in this style. Anytime she blogs about her house, I love most of it.