Friday, January 3, 2014

Inside, Outside, On a Plate

January 2nd Joys

1. A gift outside
Crosby really likes to walk through these little shrubs around my apartment. They come-up to his back, so he'll walk through with his head held high, but he also will very slowly and deliberately walk (he has really long legs). Then when he's done exploring, he'll hop like a bunny until he gets out of the shrub. It always makes me laugh! He is such a gift and such a sweet puppy boy.

2. A gift inside
Yesterday I had the pleasure of telling one of my planners she was getting a "promotion" (it's in quotes as we don't technically have promotions since we don't have titles; it's more of an adjusted role on the team). She has been working so hard and doing a fabulous job, so it's well-deserved. Timing-wise, it worked as another member of the team left the agency and both of them couldn't have been promoted on this team. Anyway, it was a gift to give her the news and see her excitement and appreciation flood her face.

4. A gift on a plate
Okay so it wasn't on a plate, it was in a tupperware container, but whatever. :) The planner I mentioned above had her last day on 12/31, but I was on vacation so wasn't here (I said goodbye before she left). She left a sweet note with a container of homemade brownies on my desk when she left. It was an encouraging note, and one I was thankful to receive.