Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In Your Heart

January 6th!

Six days done. Time sure does fly. In any case...

1. One thing in your bag
Zyrtec! I know, weird. But I take it pretty much year-round now as I realized often when I'd feel run down it was allergies. I keep thinking, what did people do before antihistamines were invented?!? I actually am interested in checking out possible holistic medicines for allergies since I'm a year-rounder now...

2. One thing in your fridge
My brother gave us some Campbell's samples over the holidays and Sunday I made this one for my lunches this week:

I used chicken, but didn't end up making any sides like rice or couscous, purely because I was being lazy. :) But, even so, it is so good! It has a good spice, was SUPER easy (as in put the chicken with the sauce on it and cook for the designated time). I recommend it!

3. One thing in your heart
This one I can't really explain in this space as it involves other people and I don't believe it would be appropriate. Suffice it to say, I learned last night that someone I care about has been hurting and I wasn't aware (not because of me, from something else entirely). It's extra tricky for reasons that, again, I don't feel are appropriate to share here, but my processing has taught me a few things:
  - Just because someone doesn't share with me doesn't mean I failed in my leadership
  - Even though I wish I had known to be able to pray and care for this person, I know God knows
  - Healing is always possible through Christ