Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I’m so, so excited. It’s actually probably slightly bizarre how excited I am about this. But I know it’s a good excitement as it comes from a heart of wanting to see God move in huge ways that only God can do.

Last year, I learned of this book called A Place at the Table: 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor, by Chris Seay, that was written specifically to go through during Lent. I was intrigued and intended to go through it during Lent, but I didn’t. I honestly don’t remember why… Regardless, it’s been in the back of my mind since then. I could have taken another 40 days of the year to go through it, but I had this feeling like I needed to wait for Lent 2013. Here’s a video explaining the book in case you’re interested: 

I decided that, aside from just reading, I’m going to implement some of the food/diet-related challenges. I considered outlining exactly what I feel led to do, but then hesitated, considering Jesus’ urgings about fasting. My heart in wanting to implement these things is for the Lord to work – to deepen my love for the “least of these” and to change me in any way He’d choose. I feel if I share now what I’m planning to do, aside from merely reading the book, it’ll be a source of pride for me. Or maybe not pride, per say, but control. I do want to strive to implement this challenge, but I want it to be flexible in how the Lord may guide me as opposed to achieving a pre-set list of “dos/don’ts”.

Post-Easter, maybe I’ll have some things to share from what I learn.