Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photo Challenge

I love photography. I love looking at beautiful images and relishing in the interesting perspective of talented photographers. For many years now, I'd lusted over my friends' and family's DLSR cameras. Knowing I had a goal of saying bon voyage pour Paris this summer, I thought what better time to get one than for a trip to the City of Lights. So, with Black Friday deals, I nabbed a good deal on one, including a zoom lens (I think that's what you call it...).

I then got myself a little book how-to, as I figured I'd want to try my hand at figuring things out prior to taking a class (and, I may or may not be able to take a class prior to Paris; trying to decide whether I'd rather do that or take a class to brush-up on my French...).

So, I've had it for a month now, but haven't taken many pictures... Why? Well, I still live in the mindset of film cameras and think I have to "wait for that right shot" before taking one.

Therefore, I'm issuing myself a challenge. One that I think will get me playing around and taking more pictures. Here's the challenge:

For the next six months, prior to Paris, I must take and share at least five pictures a week, preferably on different days.

Weird, I know. But hey, maybe it'll help with getting me out of the "wasting pictures" rut and realize I can delete...after I share. :)

This will be the place I share because, why not.

So there you have it.