Friday, January 11, 2013

C'est Possible?!?

I'm allowing myself to get excited. The full rein of this excitement will not burst through until tickets are booked and it's official (and then will grow exponentially as the day approaches). But it looks like Paris may FINALLY be in my in seven months away. I'm excited, too, as my travel companions have known my 25 year growing love of this parents!

Yes, I've dreamt about France and Paris since I was about six and learned it was the home of ballet. Sometime after that, I had a substitute teacher in elementary school who was French and taught us "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" en francais. I was fascinated, and decided to take French in 8th grade...the rest is history.

Anyway, until it becomes official, official, I'm simply relishing in the thought, and embracing my already deep love of anything French. I'll share some of my inspirations.

La musique francaise!

Je lit un livre a Paris

Paris: An Inspiring Tour of the City’s Creative Heart
Et un belle livre de tourism a Paris!

Je vais manger un croissant pour le petit dejuener a demain!

J'etudie la langue de francaise!

Je recherche des arrondissements a Paris!

Side note: my French is VERY rusty, so there's a high likelihood the above is filled with errors, hence my plan to study French (thankfully I kept all my college books for such a time as this...and because they were my favorite classes). So, if you speak French fluently, or even just well, perhaps look past that. Thanks in advance. :) could be possible. 2013 could be the year. Get ready for some obnoxious Frenchness to burst out of me. I don't really apologize, it's been bottled-up for 25 years. :)