Wednesday, October 31, 2012


For some reason putting things in writing often makes them more real. And probably the sharing bit, too. So, I'm declaring to myself and the maybe three people who read this that:

I am achieving goal weight in November.

May seem lofty or crazy given Thanksgiving, but I can do it! I've been hovering at 8lbs to go for a while and, to be quite honest, have slacked on the tracking. I've also been a little bummed as some of my gym classes changed around as teachers left so have not been as motivated to go on some days.

BUT! that latter part is changing come November 10th as my favorite instructor is coming back to Saturday zumba! Happy dance!! I've also started some new classes. Just need to figure out Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (or at least two of them, one can be a rest day. I blame swimming that makes me feel the need to work out at least 6 days a week :)).

I've also been considering trying weight lifting again. I'm super fearful about it, but may try class with Julie as she knows my injury and I trust her. We'll see...

Really, though, it's the food part that I need to rein back in. So, I'm declaring this to myself to acknowledge I CAN do this. I'm not even worried about Thanksgiving as we're having it in Dallas so I can still go to the gym. Maybe my mom will come to Saturday zumba with me if they have it....... :)

Here goes nothing!!