Wednesday, October 31, 2012


For some reason putting things in writing often makes them more real. And probably the sharing bit, too. So, I'm declaring to myself and the maybe three people who read this that:

I am achieving goal weight in November.

May seem lofty or crazy given Thanksgiving, but I can do it! I've been hovering at 8lbs to go for a while and, to be quite honest, have slacked on the tracking. I've also been a little bummed as some of my gym classes changed around as teachers left so have not been as motivated to go on some days.

BUT! that latter part is changing come November 10th as my favorite instructor is coming back to Saturday zumba! Happy dance!! I've also started some new classes. Just need to figure out Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (or at least two of them, one can be a rest day. I blame swimming that makes me feel the need to work out at least 6 days a week :)).

I've also been considering trying weight lifting again. I'm super fearful about it, but may try class with Julie as she knows my injury and I trust her. We'll see...

Really, though, it's the food part that I need to rein back in. So, I'm declaring this to myself to acknowledge I CAN do this. I'm not even worried about Thanksgiving as we're having it in Dallas so I can still go to the gym. Maybe my mom will come to Saturday zumba with me if they have it....... :)

Here goes nothing!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Flash Mobbing New Friends

Two years ago this January, I embarked on a journey. One that was initially all about losing weight and getting into better shape, yet one that has profoundly impacted me and turned my life completely upside down. In a very good way. I may still have a little bit left to go (still…seriously…), but those last few pounds are almost just gravy. And are really more to be toned than anything as I’m generally comfortable with myself these days.

Anyway on to the change…

I could probably write volumes about the change that has occurred, beyond just the number on the scale. Feeling better, more energy, loving foods I previously didn’t and detesting foods I previously craved, fun clothes, multitudes of compliments, better confidence and self-esteem, the importance of balance as opposed to extremism, etc. etc. And know each of those items could most definitely be spread-out into many more words (I mean, especially fun clothes. Because they’re pretty).

One thing, though, that I never dreamed would happen is relationships. When I very first started this journey, I did the boring ole elliptical. Then one day I mustered the strength to mosey into a class. I think I first went to spin, just since I know how to ride a bike. Quickly realized I’m a little too free-spirited and not quite intense enough for spin (I mean seriously, those spinners are INTENSE!).

At some point, I don’t really remember how far down the path, I found myself in a zumba class. I was instantly intrigued. Latin music? Loved. Dancing? Brought back the ole days of ballet and making up countless dances with my friend, Brenda, to any and every song we could find. Always played on my purple boom box. And typically choreographed from the front yard. Yeah, we had no shame blasting Paula and likely looking like crazy kids for the entire neighborhood to view.

Anyway, I initially just went to zumba on Monday nights. It was nice, and I enjoyed it, but my addiction (and I’ve come to grips that it’s a full-on addiction…of the healthy variety) didn’t start until I made my way into Saturday. Ahhhh Saturday zumba with Julie. The very first time, I stood in the very back of the 50-75 people packed room and marveled at how she was able to dance the way she did. I’m pretty sure I looked more like a two-left-footed elephant since I was much heavier and hadn’t danced in, oh, 10 years. And yet, I loved it.

I won’t bore you with more oohing and ahhing of how much I loved it as, if you know me even in the slightest, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it. A lot.

As time went on, though, I felt this surge of confidence. Slowly but surely I moved forward in the room. And even more slowly but surely, I began talking to the women I saw week-in-and-week-out. It was mostly small chit chat, but it was better than silent Sarah. My wings spread and, after a period of time, I looked up and realized I had new friends. And the most fun part? They’re all different ages, lifestages, backgrounds, etc. This has continued with another of Julie’s classes I go to at a different location. We’ve started getting dinners or happy hours occasionally after class and each time I have so much fun! Sadly my original favorite class on Saturdays is no more (or not the same as it still happens) as Julie is no longer teaching it, but thankfully I can still go to one or two of her classes a week in another location. And see my fun friends, there!

This past Saturday, a group of us embraced our mutual love of dance and participated in a flash mob! My mom was visiting and she happily joined us, along with my cousin, Libby. It was! A few years ago, I don’t know that I would have done this, being fearful of what others thought. Now, I could really care less. My old love of dance has reemerged and I’ve seen how much joy, stress-relief, and downright fun it brings. We spent a few hours in the afternoon learning the routine with the whole mob, headed to the location, had a pre-dance drink, and then flash mobbed it up! It was for a guy’s 60th birthday. And he’s a longhorn…hook ‘em (we’ll just not talk about the sad longhorn news of Saturday and focus on fun things only). I definitely would love to do another flash mob! So fun.

The next day after class, a group of us went to happy hour. Denise and Cindy were part of the flash mob group (Denise is who introduced us to it!) and then Denise’s sister, Renae (who I’m quickly growing to love as well, particularly since we’re the same age and same lifestage!) and Julie, our instructor, joined. We were introducing Julie to beer-ritas. Quite yum. We were there for a while and just laughed and talked about random things.
I just love my zumba friends. As I think about what it is, I think some is the atmosphere that Julie specifically creates in her classes, but I think, too, it’s the freedom to be completely yourself. No one really judges you (though we occasionally laugh when we’re off-step) and you can be free-spirited and expressive. I, too, have always had dance in my soul, so think some of that childhood, dance-loving Sarah has reemerged after being stifled for so long being “cool” (ha!). I do still struggle at times even in zumba with worrying what people think, but then try to remind myself they like me more when I’m myself so I should be myself. These girls are just downright fun.
Who knew that a decision to become more healthy would bring these awesome girls into my life!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Still you know my heart

There's a song I've been playing quite frequently for the past few months. While I like the whole song, if I'm honest, there's one particular line that is especially impactful. And sometimes I restart the song multiple times, just for this line. It says...

You're the Lord of all Creation, and still you know my heart...

{10 points to anyone who can name the song. Disclaimer: points don't go for anything, except maybe if you so choose to hail yourself as the winner of this challenge because you like to win at things, then that could be good. But only if you don't cheat...}

At least once a week, lately, I've taken time to write-out all of Psalm 139 (if you don't know what it is, I encourage you to look it up). I'm not entirely sure why as I'm not doing a study on this chapter, haven't heard it in a sermon, and am not one of the people who read a Psalm and Proverb every day. One day I just felt like writing it. That day, I'd find myself thinking about it. About who God says I am and how he feels about and sees me. So then a few days later, I'd write it out again. And again find it swirling in my mind throughout the day.

If you really think about it, both this psalm and the line from the song (which is basically taken from the psalm), it's mind boggling. Completely.

The Lord, who made this whoooooole world and all the people in it cares about and knows my heart intimately. Better than me, and better than any person. And not just mine, but every person who has ever and will ever exist.

Sometimes that latter part tempts me to think how ridiculous that notion is. To question why the Lord of everything would care about my heart when surely there are more important people to work in and through. People who have more impact, like great leaders, thinkers, people with huge spheres of influence.

And then I remember what I wrote out. I am made wonderfully. My days are written-out. My sphere of influence may be small in comparison to some people, but it's the sphere he's placed me in. And God tends to use the lowly, the ones who have little influence to do his work. As then he shines.

It really is mind boggling. And so I'll keep on reminding myself to keep the evil one from getting a foothold within an area my mind cannot comprehend. Instead of questioning it's validity or applicability in my life, I'll just let it boggle and deepen trust.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.