Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet Marie!

Meet Marie! She will be 8 on September 12th and lives in a village in Haiti and studies at Mission of Hope's school. She's in second grade.
I have the distinct blessing to sponsor her and make school a possibility! And I could not be more excited.

I've sponsored a Compassion child who lives in Rwanda for many years. To be honest, I'm really not good at writing her letters. Part of it is because I never know what to say. I need to get better at that...

Last summer when MOH talked about child sponsorship when they were sharing their vision, my heart was pulled but I knew it wasn't the right time. This year, I had complete assurance that it was the right time! And, ps, hearing the vision this year was so unbelievably sweet! It's HUGE and so exciting. I literally had tears of joy in my eyes. Haitians sing Chris Tomlin's song Our God all the time and it most definitely has a different meaning to me now...more on that later. :)

Anyway, how could you not have your heart strings pulled a little bit when you look at Marie's precious face?!? I mean, cutie and a half! I'm bummed that we never went to her village so I haven't met her in-person, but that's okay.

I'm excited to see how the Lord builds a relationship with her. Mail is tempermental in Haiti so I'm not sure how often we'll be able to exchange letters, but I'm excited as I can write them in French as she'll learn it at school! :)

And, before signing off for today (I promise a real update will come - just lots to process through and my work week is ca-razy!), check out this song. My awesome co-leader, Lauren, found it on youtube and I about died. They played it at dinner and everyone just started dancing (seriously love the dancing-nature of Haitian life!). I kind of love Haitian music...not surprising, though, since I tend to like all worldly music. :)