Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet Marie!

Meet Marie! She will be 8 on September 12th and lives in a village in Haiti and studies at Mission of Hope's school. She's in second grade.
I have the distinct blessing to sponsor her and make school a possibility! And I could not be more excited.

I've sponsored a Compassion child who lives in Rwanda for many years. To be honest, I'm really not good at writing her letters. Part of it is because I never know what to say. I need to get better at that...

Last summer when MOH talked about child sponsorship when they were sharing their vision, my heart was pulled but I knew it wasn't the right time. This year, I had complete assurance that it was the right time! And, ps, hearing the vision this year was so unbelievably sweet! It's HUGE and so exciting. I literally had tears of joy in my eyes. Haitians sing Chris Tomlin's song Our God all the time and it most definitely has a different meaning to me now...more on that later. :)

Anyway, how could you not have your heart strings pulled a little bit when you look at Marie's precious face?!? I mean, cutie and a half! I'm bummed that we never went to her village so I haven't met her in-person, but that's okay.

I'm excited to see how the Lord builds a relationship with her. Mail is tempermental in Haiti so I'm not sure how often we'll be able to exchange letters, but I'm excited as I can write them in French as she'll learn it at school! :)

And, before signing off for today (I promise a real update will come - just lots to process through and my work week is ca-razy!), check out this song. My awesome co-leader, Lauren, found it on youtube and I about died. They played it at dinner and everyone just started dancing (seriously love the dancing-nature of Haitian life!). I kind of love Haitian music...not surprising, though, since I tend to like all worldly music. :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home from Haiti!

I got home from Haiti late last night! It was a bit of an adventure, including a three hour flight delay in which we spent 4+ hours in the Port-Au-Prince airport. Which is not like American airports and does not have anything to do...and I finished my book already...and only brought one... That experience actually made me start to maybe consider an e-reader if you can store books. We'll see. I like books.

Anyway, I'll write more on the week once I've had time to get back into the swing of things and process. In the meantime, I'm thankful for:

1. My comfy bed that is big, my feet fit on it, and I don't feel the metal bars holding up the 2" mattress!!

2. The ability to flush toilet paper

3. Taking a shower without shoes on and not having to turn the water off or worry about any accidentally getting into your mouth!

4. Brushing my teeth in the sink as opposed to spitting over the edge of the balcony and using my water bottle to clean off the toothbrush!

5. Air conditioning!

6. French coming back and the convos with Haitians in which they understood me and vice versa!!

It was a great week, and I truly am thankful for the above items (and more) as they are luxuries and are gifts from the Lord that I most certainly do not deserve.

Biggest lessons this week: power of prayer and the importance of giving thanks to the Lord for everything as everything is from him alone!

Till I have time (and mental space) to provide a more detailed update...

Au revoir mes amis!

Friday, July 6, 2012


I'm so flipping excited about Sunday at 4pm!


I'm quite surprised...

My brother and cousin Libby are going to zumba with me!!!

Adam said he wanted to check it out and Libby said she wouldn't miss seeing him Latin-dance it up. It is going to be awesome. And hilarious. The only thing better would be if my cousin, Mark, Libby's brother, lived here and went, too.

I kind of feel badly for the other zumba attendees as I'm fairly certain I may laugh the whole time. Just because it'll be fun and Adam is one of the funniest people I know.

Yay for Sunday!!