Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crazy, Eloise, Germans, Patios, & Dave! Oh my!

I feel like I’m the queen of random these days. Maybe that’s really not so abnormal… J

Random #1
Meet Eloise. My new toy who I love. She’s quite fun and could be a buddy through my first speeding ticket… She prefers to go fast, and I need to get better at wrangling her desires. J

Random #2
Over Memorial Day weekend, I went to Shreveport for a cousin’s graduation. This family is half-German, and several of their German family members were also there. It was a great, relaxing weekend. My favorite times were certainly playing card games with the German family. It was quite hilarious, especially when I’d get stuck with the German cards! It’s interesting how a simple change of J (for Jack) to B and Q (for Queen) to D can throw you off! Made me excited for more family time in July with more cards and Bananagrams. I heart games.

Random #3
Last weekend I had time on a patio Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon! Oh how I love patios!! Yes, Texas summer is ridiculous, but I’m thankful that we have a pretty long patio season with spring and fall. Trying to soak up as much as possible before it gets as hot as Hades…

Random #4 (and last random for today)
I’ve rediscovered my old love for Dave Matthews Band. This is exciting to me for many reasons, but it’s been fun to rediscover old favorites and find that I still like them. Haven’t tried his new stuff; I’m thoroughly enjoying relistening to his first three albums and their live counterparts.