Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Random

I'm beginning to think I'm driving everyone I work with away... Not really, but we've had a mass exodus of people in the media group lately, and I've lost (or will soon lose) someone on of my accounts. I'm getting a complex... :)

Last night I had a conversation with someone who was talking about how he wants to move to the country because he's tired of the Dallas city scene. While he was talking, in my head I was singing "moving to the country, gonna eat a lotta peaches..." I'm so not a country person. It sort of sounds like torture to me. As a kid, whenever we drove through rural areas I'd annoy my parents with incessant questions about what those people did for fun. A small beach town? Sure (as long as it was in close proximity to a city). The country? No way. It's just not me. ALL of my most favorite things are city-oriented!

This morning I skipped the gym and am feeling quite badly about it. Not guilty, just bad because I really needed it, but I really needed sleep more. Granted, that extra hour of sleep led to a super scary dream! I won't me the heebie jeebies (and included some raaaandom people).

I absolutely, positively MUST get back on the WW tracking wagon. I don't know what my deal is, but I have been a major slacker. I thankfully haven't gained since I workout so much. At the same time, I completely screwed up my hope to hit goal by next week... No more excuses. I decided I'm going to try to embrace a more structured clean eating. It's really not far from WW plans, but is about limiting processed foods and alcohol, and about eating more organic. I'm not restricting the non-clean things as I don't want to be extreme (which I can so easily do!), but need, and want, to be more conscious. And hit goal!

A new guy moved into my pod this week. He's from Spain! We told him we want to have daily Spanish lessons. He has such a cool accent. Apparently his wife sometimes teaches Spanish classes. Gosh, I'm thankful I'm American, but it's sorta boring... He told us (after we collectively said that) that really it's the same thing, just in another language. Probably true, but that other language thing is awesome! I love cultures and languages (hence another reason the country and I wouldn't work very well...unless maybe it's the French country!).

Saturday night I'm going to the Dave Matthews concert with some friends. I sorta feel like I've stepped back in time. Hopefully he'll play old stuff. Does he even have new stuff? Hmm...

I haven't seen my roommate in over a week. And we live in the same house! She was gone this weekend and then I've had super late nights with really early mornings (hence the needing of the sleep). Still funny that our paths haven't crossed... Ha!

My favorite zumba teacher, Julie? Yeah, she's my favorite yoga teacher now, too. She's getting her certification updated and needed to have community service hours, which essentially is free yoga. She doesn't teach yoga at the gym by my house, but the past two weeks led a class after zumba to get some hours. It was SO good. Another gym friend and I agreed. I think some of it is because she explains things really well, is patient, but also is a really fun person. Although I was cleared to do yoga months ago, I've been a little uneasy with it. I think personally her class was also good because she knows I have back problems so was able to give me modifications on a few poses. Anyway, maybe someday my schedule will work to where I can go to her yoga classes.

Did you enjoy my random stream of consciousness? Yes, I'm random. :)