Sunday, March 18, 2012


Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my Mammy in Arkansas with my mom. It was the first time I'd been there since Granddaddy passed away, so in some ways it was strange, but it was also a sweet time.

I know I'll always miss Granddaddy. My Mema died almost 14 years ago and I still frequently have times where something will make me think of her or I'll see/smell something that reminds me over her and I wish she were here. I know the same will be with Granddaddy, but I'm thankful that, as with Mema, those times will also make me thankful for the opportunity to know and learn from them.

While at Mammy's, some of my favorite moments was discovering things about Granddaddy that I never knew! My whole life he had an office in their house that I wasn't allowed to go into. I honestly don't remember anyone ever telling me to stay out of it, but I guess it was always understood. I could walk into it and see his wall of pictures (he has a wall with Mammy at the top, then his five children, their spouses, and his grandchildren), but I never ever went behind his desk, into his secretary, or his closet.

Last weekend, we did. Even my mom said she felt like she was intruding as the same rule applied for her. However, it was as if we had discovered a treasure chest! I had no idea that Granddaddy kept journals since at least 1941. While looking for something (I don't even remember what we were searching for), my mom handed me a box that I opened. Insides were a slew of tiny journals filled with bits from Granddaddy's life.

I primarily focused on the ones from the 40s. It was so sweet to see Granddaddy as a young person and learn things I never knew. And to see him as "human." I know that probably sounds weird, but he's always been on a pedestal for me, so it was fun to learn that he wasn't the best driver in the 40s, that he had lots of crushes, and that he was excited about a raise one time to 65 cents per hour.

It was also so sweet to see when he met Mammy and clearly see how much he loved her then, and know his love for her grew more and more throughout his life.

I wish that my other family members could have been there as we read them, though I hope someone will bring the journals this summer to Granddaddy's celebration of life. I know they'd all relish them, and it would be sweet to read together.

I also looked at one from when Granddaddy took Adam and me on a white water rafting trip in Idaho. I loved it. It made me want to dig further to find ones from when we were alive, but I didn't this trip. Maybe another time.

Along with the journals, we found lots of old pictures and an awesome scrapbook of my great-grandmother's (Granddaddy's mom)! I snapped a few pictures with my phone.

Granddaddy is one of the smartest people I've ever known, so this remark in one of his report card's was priceless! And it reminded me of Adam. :)

Mammy and Granddaddy as young kids!! I think Mammy said this is right about when they were engaged.

Who knew Granddaddy was a jokester!?! This made me laugh...a lot.

This one's probably hard to read, but it's a letter Granddaddy wrote to his cousin as a 6th grader. At the bottom, his mom is critiquing his letter structure! She was a teacher. I think the obsession with grammar has been in my family for generations! :)

This is a letter from the 1850s written by a man to some lady I'm related to (can't remember who). It was hilarious because this guy liked the girl, but apologized for writing her without first asking permission. He then proceeded to bear his soul and say how much he loved her. It was so cool. And made me appreciate the art of writing letters.

The next few are from Honey's scrapbook (my great-grandmother). They are advertisements that she kept and they make me laugh, especially considering I work in advertising!

I can't imagine an ad today showing a child being beaten...

Um, kind of racist!

I think this one was for cold medicine. What the world?

This medicine cures everything. Maybe I need it. :) And no idea what the pig has to do with the price of tea in China.

This one just made me laugh. It's all of my cousins on the Buckley side, though we're all so little! I think I'm in 8th grade, Adam in 6th, Mat in 5th, Jon 4th, Bonnie's maybe 6?, Anna looks about 4, and Georgia maybe 2?

Lastly, this is a snapshot of a lap "quilt" I made Mammy. It represents the Proverbs 31 woman, who I believe Mammy represents as she's faithfully cared for Granddaddy and her family and loved the Lord. Thankful for her example and love her dearly.