Monday, January 2, 2012

Some 2012 Goals

Well, it’s January. By far my least favorite month of the year. So blah. I wonder if January is anyone’s favorite month? Hmm…

Anyway, this year I decided to participate in the goal setting process for 2012 as opposed to resolutions. I like the idea of goals as opposed to resolutions since they have more flexibility and celebrate the process of achieving them (including grace when there’s a setback) as opposed to the finite “succeed or fail” feeling that stems from resolutions.

I broke them up into several categories and have listed some of my goals below (there are a few more which I don't want to share with the cyber world). I didn’t necessarily place timing on these. Maybe that’s wrong for real goal creating, but it felt too restrictive for me.

1. Follow the Journey in 2012 (reading through the New Testament)
2. Practice meditation on God’s truth without analyzing, simply sitting still to “listen”
3. Focus on working through things with the Lord first
4. Increase practice of Scripture memory

Healthy Living
1. Achieve my goal weight!!
2. Successfully proceed through the maintenance phase to achieve lifetime membership of WW (six weeks maintaining +/- two pounds of my goal weight)
3. Try new foods that I’ve been afraid to attempt cooking
4. Increase frequency of my yoga practice…added goal: complete all chaturangas without dropping to my knees! And complete wheel (backbend) from the floor as opposed to from three-legged dog
5. Participate in spin classes more frequently on non-zumba days for cardio
6. Increase weight at Bodypump with the goal of toning (I don’t want to be big and muscular :))

1. Follow the cash system for food, entertainment, and hobbies
2. Continue to work to increase savings and pay-off debt

1. Focus on the positive in myself and my circumstances
2. Rest my mind more frequently (tied to Scripture meditation and yoga, too)
3. Consider myself as someone valuable, worth getting to know, and interesting

1. Write to my sponsored child regularly
2. Expand my horizons with friends, reaching-out to people including new possible friends
3. Continue to get to know my new small group girls (I hope to have new goals related to them as the year progresses, but am still in the process of getting to know them)

For Fun/Artistic
1. Finish knitting my first sweater!
2. Machine embroider something for me, which I have yet to do since receiving my machine from my grandmother (everything has been given to others)
3. Work on a project I have in mind for my niece :)
4. Drink more hot tea in pretty teacups
5. Light more candles
6. Read more than watching television