Friday, November 4, 2011

Yesterday's Thanks

Yesterday I slept pretty much all but four hours of the day. I really hate being sick. And while I still don't feel well today, knew I needed to go to work purely because I have so much to do.

So my thanks for yesterday is:

1. Sick time and the ability to sleep most of the day in a cozy bed

2. Nyquil. They miracle medicine that helps me sleep when my head and throat are throbbing

3. Sweet friends who check-in on me. I'm a little like my dad, though, and always worry I'll get others sick so tend to go being sick alone. I greatly appreciate those of you who did check-in!

4. A body that, with God's help, has the ability to fight whatever is wrong and heal itself

Now here's hoping I feel 100% tomorrow. Or maybe even later today.