Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Constant & Great Name

Today, I'm thankful for these two songs.

The first has been on replay for quite some time (though not this version, I prefer the one from the Passion album :)). I think part of the reason it's extra special is that I first heard it with my sweet college girls on the way to our retreat last spring. We had a tradition of listening to and singing praise music the whole way to our small group retreats, which ALWAYS were some of the sweetest moments of the trip. And pointed to how much growth they've had from the days of Fergie and other Top 40 hits blaring...we transitioned to blaring praises to Jesus.

The second is a newer one for me that I just downloaded last week after hearing on the radio. It's actually spurred an interest in further understanding the names of God, as I think perhaps that may help me better understand his character. And I'm sort of confused by his character right now.

Enjoy. May they encourage you, too.