Wednesday, November 2, 2011

29 Days

I'm stealing an idea from a friend, but tweaking it a bit. I'm working through some things right now in which I think it would be beneficial to sow a thankful heart. Therefore, I want to take time every day for the month of November to recognize and write-out what I'm thankful for. Hopefully this practice will develop a habit, but I'm at least aiming to focus for this month.

I may not blog everyday as some of my thankful things may not be things I want to share with the whole world (not that I have more than one or two readers, but still).

For day one, though...

1. My sweet nieces who bring joy to my life. Thankful they are being raised to know who Jesus is and why he is the most important man they could ever meet. And thankful they're girly and cute. :)

McKenzie is a precious, dear little evangelist. And, as I've said before, she shares my love for all things French...and scarves. Morgan is a squishy love bug who smiles like it's nobody's business. Unless she's hungry, in which case she resorts to growling. Oh and her choice for getting around is currently rolling. Goofy girl.

2. Discipleship. I think I could write a novel and still not come close to expressing how thankful I am for being blessed with the opportunity to share in the lives with others. Nor how much I love these four precious girls!

Melissa and Emily surprised me last weekend and came to serve at Hideaway, our high school retreat! They served beautifully (not surprising at all...they have such servant's hearts) and shared about their idols to encourage/challenge the students. They did SO well and I am just so darn proud of them. And yes, I maybe had to try not to cry when I said bye. Oh, and I may get to see Margaret this weekend...three girls in one week? Yes, please!

I'm also beyond thankful for the opportunity to continue discipleship with my new group of freshman girls. Excited to continue to get to know them and shepherd them in Christ. I pray they, too, will be ripples for Christ's love.

3. David Crowder Band's Christmas album. Yes, it's only November 2nd and yes, I've taken to listening to this album pretty heavily over the past week. And I don't care that it's still before Thanksgiving.

Lately I've been faced in a big way with the depravity of man and this world. The Truth of Christmas and the hope that comes with the birth of dear Jesus is helping me to see through the depravity and on to beauty, joy, and love.

And besides, for all we know Jesus' birthday is tomorrow. :)

4. Community. For loving me in the midst of my ugliness, anger, and bitterness. And for a host of other things. :)

5. Laughter and penguins. Monday night I was at a thing and was about to share something that was challenging. Right before I started talking, a woman walked in dressed as a penguin. While it was Halloween, this venue was not quite costume-appropriate, so for a moment my inner Billy Madison kicked-in and I thought perhaps I was seeing things. Alas, it was just a woman dressed as a penguin. It -brought a big, laugh-to-tears moment among the women I was with.

That's it for now. I feel like junk and just finished work for the evening so think I'll hit the hay since my head may soon explode and I have about 24 hours of work to do tomorrow... Oy, is it Friday, yet? :)