Friday, October 21, 2011

No Talking

I failed my no eating out test. Though I think I have a good excuse.

I have a poor little ole sad tooth that has gone through the ringer in the past five years. It broke and has since gone through three crowns, one because it didn't like it, another because it made it angry, and now the third which it seems to be friends with. Even so, tooth is still quite sad and has given me trouble the past month or so, but was sneaky and masking it's frustration in other ways. It doesn't know good coping skills.

This past weekend in California (which I'll update on later), it decided to make its present frustrations known. I went back to the tooth doctor, who sent me to a special tooth doctor, who said tooth is angry and needs to have its nerves removed. Aka, root canal. I hemmed and hawed, and then decided that I'd allow tooth to be happy.

Well, it most definitely is not. Tooth got sick with an infection, so the root canal has to be executed across two weeks. Round one was Wednesday, and it has subsequently wreaked havoc on my mouth. Pain and some intense swelling. I suppose tooth's last hurrah is to make me look like a one-sided chipmunk! Grr...

So onto the no talking and failing on my no eating out goal. Essentially, it hurts to talk. Sort of challenging in my job, especially when I have client meetings and such. And it's also hard to eat. Partially because of chipmunk cheeks, but also because I'm only allowed to eat on one side. Seemingly easy, yet challenging given upset jaw and chipmunk cheeks... So I've resorted to smoothies and soup. It's been a whirlwind of not feeling well and work since root canal was done, so it's been easier to buy as opposed to standing in the kitchen and cooking.

On top of that, the medicine I'm on makes me nauseous. That is sort of why canned soup hasn't been tried. I have some, but the thought makes me a little, um, queasy.

I made some chili yesterday in the crock pot (aka throw a buncha stuff in a pot and let it stew). Going to try that tonight.

So here's hoping angry, sad ole tooth gets better and happy. I'm tired of looking like a chipmunk and being in pain. And I sort of like to talk. And I'm mad I may not be able to go to zumba tomorrow if it still hurts...we all know how I feel about that!!

In other news, sad tooth has made me so humbly grateful that antibiotics, doctors, dentists, and easy-to-eat-when-my-mouth-hurts food options exist for me. And exist so easily! So many other people in this would could die from an angry tooth. I hate that.

Thy Kingdom come.