Thursday, October 13, 2011

No More Eating Out...

...well, not ever, just for two weeks.

Tomorrow I leave for California for a long weekend to visit my brother, Adam, and his lovely family of girls. I can't wait! We're going to San Francisco on Saturday and I haven't been there in about 18 years. Ca-razy! I can't believe it's been that long since we lived in California...

I'm excited and will be sure to post lots of pictures and fun updates of the cuties! Random side note of cuteness, I called Adam on Tuesday and McKenzie answered. She then told me she's six now and reminded me that I haven't seen her since she was only five (mind you, I last saw her a mere five months ago...though that's an eternity for a six year old!).

Anyway, I've been thinking about my struggle with balance and reflecting on the pace of my life this fall. Which is essentially 110%. I was also thinking about my goals and struggles. Through that, I decided to do a little test starting Tuesday (I'm in California until Monday night) to run for the rest of October.

I'm going to attempt, very hard, to not eat out for the rest of the month.

My speed demon, overflowing life makes the appeal of picked-up meals or walks to Whole Foods (I stare at it out my office window!) very tempting. And that just isn't so great for my wallet, or my waistline!

This will be challenging in that I do have a crazy schedule right now, but also because I'm already apt to inadvertently forget my nicely packed lunch as it is. Also, most nights I'll need to pack a lunch and dinner since I have something nightly until 9-ish (except Wednesday!). I will also have to be diligent with cooking meals for the week on Sunday, or else I'll end up eating just sandwiches which, although not bad, don't allow for much variety. And if I end up eating the same thing every day, I'm more apt to be greatly tempted by the Whole Foods! :)

So, two week challenge. We'll reevaluate, and perhaps then I can continue with minor modifications (i.e. dinners with friends which aren't really a struggle since they don't happen that's the solo eating out that's a bug!).

Wish me luck!