Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Music to Fall Into

I love the power music has to transport, evoke emotions, set an ambiance, wrap you up like a blanket, and so much more. My miriage of styles and artists each have a place and each impact me in different ways.

Right now I'm quite obsessed with Katie Herzig's newest album, The Waking Sleep. It's full of interesting sounds through the use of cellos, violins, and the piano (all of which instantly cool-ify music in my book...along with the banjo). But even more than that, with several songs on the album, I feel as though I'm falling into another world. A magical one, full of vintage beauty.

Since the album was only released a few weeks ago and Katie has since had a family tragedy, there are no videos up of my favorites on the album. However, the above video was her announcement of the coming release and includes a snipit of one. Plus, it's just pretty with the vintage feel. :)

Enjoy. And yes, I fully recognize my view and take of music is probably bizarre to some (i.e. the falling into it reference). Oh well, you're just missing out. :)