Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Babies

My brother sent the above pictures to me yesterday of my dear niece, Morgan. And can I just say it gives me great joy that she has the Buckley family eyebrow raise down pat? She also has a Franks family dimple; it's just not showing in these pictures. And selfishly, I'm glad both of these mirror mine: left dimple and right eyebrow raise. :)

But she most definitely has my brother's black olive eyes. And the first picture is so reminiscent of his facial expressions. I'm excited to hug this little rolly polly girl in a few short weeks!

This morning I read a blog entry of a couple I've never met, yet feel a bit of a connection to them due to our mutual loves for a country in the ocean. My friend Kristie introduced me to the blog (thanks Kristie!) and I found today's entry so real, and yet so scary.

This couple lives in Haiti with their family and work for a ministry called Heartline Ministries, that sounds as though it has similar goals as MOH. The wife works as a midwife for the ministry and the entry I read this morning was powerful, so I thought I'd share.

I originally found myself jumping onto a soapbox in this post as my view of poverty alleviation has shifted so much from going to Haiti, hearing from MOH, and reading When Helping Hurts. But then I decided me going on a rant would not be helpful and I feared it would overshadow the truth of this particular blog entry.

So instead, I simply will say read it. And then join me in praising God for the successes and the lives that continue to be changed in Haiti. And pray that more will be changed, more will be educated, and more will glorify God as they learn how to care for themselves, their families, and change the nation of Haiti for God's glory.