Monday, July 11, 2011

Hobbly Grandma

On Saturday, my roommate, Katie, decided to join me for my "alternative to long runs" Saturday fun. I.e. power yoga plus zumba. It was so fun to have a workout buddy! And I think she likes them both. :)

My yoga instructor hurt her shoulder so she decided to focus primarily on legs. And, um, I can feel it. Since Saturday, I've been hobbling around like a granny because my hamstrings and gluts are so stinkin' sore! I think the combination of yoga plus an intense zumba workout of LOTS of jump moves made for some sore legs. Good sore, but sore nonetheless.

I was almost tempted to sit on my cube floor today to stretch out, but then thought that'd be a little extreme and the floor would likely stain my white pants. I'm sure my podmates would have found it amusing, though!

I've been thinking about the majority of poses we cycled between, and can't figure out which one put us over the edge with soreness. Maybe this one?

Or this?

Or perhaps this?
Confession: my standing splits look NOTHING like this. I look more like a dying animal or something...

Or maybe the zillion lunges we did both high and low?

Or holding chair pose for, gosh, 30 minutes?

And here I go, heading to zumba again. Hopeful it can loosen up my tight hamstrings!

In other news, two weeks from today I'll be in my second day in Haiti! I feel like I have a hundred things to do before going, but I am getting excited! I need to go through my things and make lists this week to determine what else I need to pick-up this weekend. I also need to figure out a ride home from the airport. Maybe I'll hitch-hike. :)

Off to party it up at zumba!