Monday, June 20, 2011

Un Peu de Celebration

I'm so excited to have had three little celebrations this weekend! All along the same vein.

First, Saturday morning I went to weight watchers and, after a few weeks of plateau (but no gain) lost in a big way. Then, I successfully completed two hours of intense workouts, power yoga and zumba. I have wanted to try doing those classes back-to-back for a while, but was worried that I'd be too tired after power yoga for zumba. And we all know how I feel about zumba! Particularly Saturday's favorite. I think in the end it's good that zumba was second as the hour of yoga made my muscles warm and more flexible, so I actually feel like zumba was a better workout than normal. My bootay is a little sore, but a good sore!

Then yesterday on a whim I ran into Gap. They're having a massive sale (all sale items 50% off) and I've been trying to slowly build-up my workout attire as I've discovered t-shirts are so not fun to workout in. Cotton + sweat = ew. Anyway, most of my pants don't fit very well anymore. I still wear them, but they're baggy. In cleaning my room, I had tried on a bunch of clothes I've kept from college/right after college and knew that I have dropped a size in some things, depending on the shape (i.e. not quite down in pencil skirt styles yet).

I looked and there were a pair of jeans on sale for $10 in a lower size. I had a little debate in my head, fearful that I'd be sad if they were too tight yet recognizing that would be a likely possibility. My curious side won-out and I added them to my few workout tops.

Once in the dressing room, I decided to bite the bullet and start with the jeans. And what to my wondering eyes did I find? THEY FIT!!!

Yes people, I have officially dropped two jeans sizes since starting weight watchers in January. I can hardly believe it. I was definitely excited and had to call my mom.

I still have a ways to go, but I legitimately am excited to workout and eat well now. I don't crave foods that are not good choices for me and crave gym-time! I still can't believe I'm saying that... I'm likely not going to make my goal weight by my birthday like I'd hoped, but that's okay. I'd rather change slowly and experience the benefit of the joy that comes from hard work as opposed to shedding weight quickly and not learning from the plateaus, hard days, etc.

So thankful for the Lord's help in making me more disciplined; something I am not naturally. And thankful for what he's teaching me about food and moving my body through this experience. Prayerful that he uses this experience to continue to draw me closer to him and shine his light for others to know him. I believe he can and will use all things for his glory.

Let the Lord be glorified, that we may see your joy. Isaiah 66:5