Friday, June 17, 2011

Creative Skirt

So this isn't really about a creative skirt, but I liked the weird title better than a normal one. This is really about a skirt and bring creative.

Today I'm wearing a skirt that I have not fit into since, oh, maybe the year after college? I've kept it all these years as I liked it and hoped to one day sport it's paisley design again. On a whim this morning, I decided to try it on and what to my wondering surprise, but it fit! Holy cow.

I have one other skirt and two dresses that I've also kept and someday hope they'll fit. Both are more fitted so have a little more to go there. And, regardless, I have quite a ways left to get to my goal. I've become more comfortable with the process moving slowly, though. I've had several weeks without loss, but I have not gained at all since I started in January!! That's a major feat.

Tomorrow I'm considering trying to go to TWO classes at the gym in the morning. I've toyed with the idea for about a month, but am scared my body will break. But I suppose that's goofy as, if I do hurt, I can easily stop. So, I'm going to attempt to go to power yoga and zumba...back-to-back. We'll see how it goes!

I saw this today and found parts of it challenging.


Why? Well, probably the beating myself up...

Incidentally, I told my mom just a few weeks ago that I was going to stop sharing things I've created with others and instead give store-bought gifts. I know this may sound strange, but I have started to wonder if people find handmade things annoying and if anyone uses them. I know the things I've made are never perfect, so just feel like people would probably rather have something perfect.

For whatever reason, I'm not always brave when it comes to sharing creative aspects of myself. I've gotten significantly better in the past few years, but still have a wall where this is concerned. I'm not exactly sure why. I don't know, another consideration for another day.

Not sure yet. Still working through this one. Regardless, this video was good.

Have a ya ha and hey hey Friday!