Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Before 30

So, I’m quite behind the eight-ball on this, but whatever. :)

I turn 30 in 41 days. Ca-razy! I’m really looking forward to being 30, flirty, and thriving and haven’t had any qualms about moving into a new decade…even as a single person. I’m not sure why, I guess I’m over being in my 20s. Ha.

Anyway, I know lots of people do the 30 before 30 list and I figured I’d just cram it all into 41 days. I considered making it in 30, but figured I’d take advantage of the extra 11. Also, some of these things were pre-scheduled, but since they’re big, they’re so going on the list! Here it goes:

1. Go to Haiti
2. Speak French to people who speak French natively and aren’t my professors…wahoo!!
3. Finish Cutting for Stone. It’s an intense book and definitely requires lots of thinking!
4. Try my hand at cooking scallops even though it scares me a bit
5. Grill meat…on my own!
6. Practice yoga every day for at least a week in addition to other workouts, and practice at home when I can’t go to or there isn’t a class
7. Lose another 10lbs, getting closer to my goal. Maybe not fair as I can’t fully control this if my body decides to plateau, but I’m going to try!
8. Finish Matthew (yes, I’ve been reading it since January…uber slowly) and finish Mark
9. Memorize Romans 6
10. Go through my closet and purge all clothes that are too big…yay!
11. Write more letters…because letters are so magical
12. Try one new fruit (this will be hard as I feel like I’ve had most fruits…gonna get creative at Whole Foods!)
13. Try one new vegetable…maybe bok choy?
14. Try one of those scary grains like bulgar or quinoa. Not sure if they’re grains, but I’m gonna figure out how they’re cooked and try one out
15. Get ready to send my dear girls off to college
16. Do something that scares me…unless it involves fish because they’re just nasty
17. Come back from Haiti with a bigger heart for God, his people, and sweet orphans…but not bringing an orphan home to live with me though I know I’ll want to!
18. Introduce my mom to zumba!
19. Walk the golf course with my dad and maybe learn how to properly swing a club…maybe
20. Learn how to change tires on my bike all by myself (I sound like a two year old)
21. See the very last Harry Potter movie…tear
22. Try a new restaurant
23. Stop drinking diet pepsi (the only soda I drink)…again
24. Go to an art museum even if it’s by myself…either the DMA or the Kimbell (though I’ve never been to the DMA)
25. Go to the Dallas farmer’s market
26. Clean out my plethora of books
27. Watch the entire Band of Brothers series
28. Go to the Park Cities pool in spite of my fear of looking bad in a swim suit with the pretty people…ha
29. Keep my iPhone from dying…it’s getting close
30. Turn 30! Maybe that’s cheating, but it’s an accomplishment in my book