Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 Before 30

So, I’m quite behind the eight-ball on this, but whatever. :)

I turn 30 in 41 days. Ca-razy! I’m really looking forward to being 30, flirty, and thriving and haven’t had any qualms about moving into a new decade…even as a single person. I’m not sure why, I guess I’m over being in my 20s. Ha.

Anyway, I know lots of people do the 30 before 30 list and I figured I’d just cram it all into 41 days. I considered making it in 30, but figured I’d take advantage of the extra 11. Also, some of these things were pre-scheduled, but since they’re big, they’re so going on the list! Here it goes:

1. Go to Haiti
2. Speak French to people who speak French natively and aren’t my professors…wahoo!!
3. Finish Cutting for Stone. It’s an intense book and definitely requires lots of thinking!
4. Try my hand at cooking scallops even though it scares me a bit
5. Grill meat…on my own!
6. Practice yoga every day for at least a week in addition to other workouts, and practice at home when I can’t go to or there isn’t a class
7. Lose another 10lbs, getting closer to my goal. Maybe not fair as I can’t fully control this if my body decides to plateau, but I’m going to try!
8. Finish Matthew (yes, I’ve been reading it since January…uber slowly) and finish Mark
9. Memorize Romans 6
10. Go through my closet and purge all clothes that are too big…yay!
11. Write more letters…because letters are so magical
12. Try one new fruit (this will be hard as I feel like I’ve had most fruits…gonna get creative at Whole Foods!)
13. Try one new vegetable…maybe bok choy?
14. Try one of those scary grains like bulgar or quinoa. Not sure if they’re grains, but I’m gonna figure out how they’re cooked and try one out
15. Get ready to send my dear girls off to college
16. Do something that scares me…unless it involves fish because they’re just nasty
17. Come back from Haiti with a bigger heart for God, his people, and sweet orphans…but not bringing an orphan home to live with me though I know I’ll want to!
18. Introduce my mom to zumba!
19. Walk the golf course with my dad and maybe learn how to properly swing a club…maybe
20. Learn how to change tires on my bike all by myself (I sound like a two year old)
21. See the very last Harry Potter movie…tear
22. Try a new restaurant
23. Stop drinking diet pepsi (the only soda I drink)…again
24. Go to an art museum even if it’s by myself…either the DMA or the Kimbell (though I’ve never been to the DMA)
25. Go to the Dallas farmer’s market
26. Clean out my plethora of books
27. Watch the entire Band of Brothers series
28. Go to the Park Cities pool in spite of my fear of looking bad in a swim suit with the pretty people…ha
29. Keep my iPhone from dying…it’s getting close
30. Turn 30! Maybe that’s cheating, but it’s an accomplishment in my book

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweatin' & SBux

How do these two things relate? Well, let me tell you...

I've decided I think I'm officially addicted to sweating. No, not the stand-outside-and-immediately-feel-drenched sweat, but the that-was-a-darn-good-workout sweat. WHAT?!

For those who may not know, this is WEIRD and if you had asked me a year ago, or sheesh, even six months ago!, if these words would come out of my mouth, I'd say you were delirious. And maybe ask what you were smoking (because for whatever reason that phrase crosses my lips a little too often...?).

Anyway, you see, I danced for nine years and don't think I broke a sweat much then. Sure, I played soccer some as a kid, but I think I quit when I was 9 or 10, so never got intense. Then I started swimming competitively and, while I know you do sweat in swimming, you don't feel it. When I stopped swimming, I hated going to the gym and getting all gross. It was certainly not a good feeling.

Well, after looking down at my yoga mat on Saturday morning realizing quite a bit of sweat had dripped off of me (yes gross...get over it :) and no I don't do hot yoga), and then finding my hair completely soaked after my subsequent zumba class (did you catch that? I did both classes again this week, yay!), I was excited. Weird, eh? Really it had nothing to do with loving to sweat, it was more loving the workout and pushing myself. And I can't believe I'm saying that!

Side note 1: I promise my ridiculous workout excitement in posts will subside eventually...well, maybe.

Side note 2: Holy cow can yoga make you sore in the weirdest places! But a good, deep sore. I'm definitely addicted to yoga! And thanks, Heather, for the tips with downward facing wrists haven't hurt since!! Now I just need to work on this sweating business so I don't fall on my face in poses like warrior 3...eek!

Now onto Starbucks.

I don't go to Starbucks super frequently anymore, and only every few weeks in the non-fall/Christmas season. But on occasion I'm either running late or feel the need for a second cup of coffee so swing into one by my office.

Last fall I was at the creamer station with this super cute guy. We talked for maybe two seconds about creamer (stimulating) and that was that. Since then, he's been in the Starbucks reading any time I've popped in and always smiles.

I always wonder how he has time to sit there all day, but then am thankful for the little smile from the cute guy. Though realistically he smiles at everyone, so I'm not extra special or anything.

Anyway, my roommate told me recently that I seem more confident with my steps toward healthy living. I'm not sure if I feel any more confident, but perhaps I'm exuding something? Or maybe just a sweaty glow...hahaha.

Katie is out-of-town and this morning I was a bad planner with packing my lunch and making breakfast so I completely forgot to turn on the coffee. I decided I'd just get coffee at Starbucks (in case you're super curious, I'm boring and just get the drip coffee when it's not fall or Christmas).

Cute guy wasn't there, but there was another ridiculously cute guy...probably cuter than other guy! He was sitting working on his computer and when I walked by, did the double take and smiled.

Now, I fully realize it's mostly because I was probably staring (he sort of looks Latin...) or he perhaps thought he saw someone he recognized. But, since I'll never know, today I like to pretend that I do seem more confident and what-have-you.

Feel free to now make fun of me. I'm cool with it. :)

And in other news, I made all new recipes for breakfast/lunch/dinner this week. Maybe a bad decision, but I'm sure it'll be fine. This morning's breakfast was overnight oats and banana muffins.

With the muffins, next time I'm going to use really ripe bananas as the one I used was a little green and therefore made the muffins a tad dry. Not sure what I was thinking as my Mema always used yellowy brown bananas for bread! Oh well.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Petite Moi

My soon-to-be-six (how'd that happen?!?!?), niece McKenzie wants to be like me. Yes, she's wearing a scarf in 100+ be like Aunt Sarah. :)

Oh how I love this little cutie! Can't wait to go to France, see the Eiffel Tower, and take in the magicalness of Parisian life with her...all while wearing scarves of course.

J'adore ma petite moi.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Un Peu de Celebration

I'm so excited to have had three little celebrations this weekend! All along the same vein.

First, Saturday morning I went to weight watchers and, after a few weeks of plateau (but no gain) lost in a big way. Then, I successfully completed two hours of intense workouts, power yoga and zumba. I have wanted to try doing those classes back-to-back for a while, but was worried that I'd be too tired after power yoga for zumba. And we all know how I feel about zumba! Particularly Saturday's favorite. I think in the end it's good that zumba was second as the hour of yoga made my muscles warm and more flexible, so I actually feel like zumba was a better workout than normal. My bootay is a little sore, but a good sore!

Then yesterday on a whim I ran into Gap. They're having a massive sale (all sale items 50% off) and I've been trying to slowly build-up my workout attire as I've discovered t-shirts are so not fun to workout in. Cotton + sweat = ew. Anyway, most of my pants don't fit very well anymore. I still wear them, but they're baggy. In cleaning my room, I had tried on a bunch of clothes I've kept from college/right after college and knew that I have dropped a size in some things, depending on the shape (i.e. not quite down in pencil skirt styles yet).

I looked and there were a pair of jeans on sale for $10 in a lower size. I had a little debate in my head, fearful that I'd be sad if they were too tight yet recognizing that would be a likely possibility. My curious side won-out and I added them to my few workout tops.

Once in the dressing room, I decided to bite the bullet and start with the jeans. And what to my wondering eyes did I find? THEY FIT!!!

Yes people, I have officially dropped two jeans sizes since starting weight watchers in January. I can hardly believe it. I was definitely excited and had to call my mom.

I still have a ways to go, but I legitimately am excited to workout and eat well now. I don't crave foods that are not good choices for me and crave gym-time! I still can't believe I'm saying that... I'm likely not going to make my goal weight by my birthday like I'd hoped, but that's okay. I'd rather change slowly and experience the benefit of the joy that comes from hard work as opposed to shedding weight quickly and not learning from the plateaus, hard days, etc.

So thankful for the Lord's help in making me more disciplined; something I am not naturally. And thankful for what he's teaching me about food and moving my body through this experience. Prayerful that he uses this experience to continue to draw me closer to him and shine his light for others to know him. I believe he can and will use all things for his glory.

Let the Lord be glorified, that we may see your joy. Isaiah 66:5

Friday, June 17, 2011

Creative Skirt

So this isn't really about a creative skirt, but I liked the weird title better than a normal one. This is really about a skirt and bring creative.

Today I'm wearing a skirt that I have not fit into since, oh, maybe the year after college? I've kept it all these years as I liked it and hoped to one day sport it's paisley design again. On a whim this morning, I decided to try it on and what to my wondering surprise, but it fit! Holy cow.

I have one other skirt and two dresses that I've also kept and someday hope they'll fit. Both are more fitted so have a little more to go there. And, regardless, I have quite a ways left to get to my goal. I've become more comfortable with the process moving slowly, though. I've had several weeks without loss, but I have not gained at all since I started in January!! That's a major feat.

Tomorrow I'm considering trying to go to TWO classes at the gym in the morning. I've toyed with the idea for about a month, but am scared my body will break. But I suppose that's goofy as, if I do hurt, I can easily stop. So, I'm going to attempt to go to power yoga and zumba...back-to-back. We'll see how it goes!

I saw this today and found parts of it challenging.


Why? Well, probably the beating myself up...

Incidentally, I told my mom just a few weeks ago that I was going to stop sharing things I've created with others and instead give store-bought gifts. I know this may sound strange, but I have started to wonder if people find handmade things annoying and if anyone uses them. I know the things I've made are never perfect, so just feel like people would probably rather have something perfect.

For whatever reason, I'm not always brave when it comes to sharing creative aspects of myself. I've gotten significantly better in the past few years, but still have a wall where this is concerned. I'm not exactly sure why. I don't know, another consideration for another day.

Not sure yet. Still working through this one. Regardless, this video was good.

Have a ya ha and hey hey Friday!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Box

There once was a little girl who may have seemed like an everyday, normal girl, but in reality, she carried an invisible box full of secrets. Growing tired of carrying around the heavy box, one day the girl attempted to open the box, yet she was ridiculed for the few secrets that escaped so she instead locked the box up tighter and chained it to her neck for safe keeping.

Several years later, the little girl met a man who was greater than any man she had ever met. He was brave, good, and she couldn’t help but peel her eyes from him, even though he was not what others would call beautiful. This man invited the girl to walk with him and promised to hold her hand so she wouldn’t fall. Knowing he was different than any other man, she agreed and reached for his hand, noticing that it was scarred with what looked to be a hole through the middle.

As the girl walked with the man, she found that things were often harder than they were before. She couldn’t figure out why as she knew this man was so good. She asked him to help her understand and, instead of explaining, he merely pulled her along faster. She soon found that she could barely keep up and became very frustrated, “why won’t he help me?” she questioned.

Then one day, the man brought her to another woman. The girl was hurt and confused, and very tired of running. She was ready to give-up following the man as she felt it was too hard. But then something happened, this woman pulled out a box. The box was large, square, and had obviously been beat-up. At closer look, the girl realized the lock on the box had been broken. The woman opened the box and out flowed a plethora of secrets. The secrets were a deep black and swirled around the room, finally settling into a wall between the woman and the man. The girl watched in astonishment, wondering if the woman would fight to stuff them back into the box.

But another amazing thing happened. The woman began to explain her secrets and, as she did, the man swirled his scarred hand around the black wall, transforming it into swirls of bright colors. Blue, purple, red, yellow, pink, and any other color under the rainbow. The girl’s eyes were fixed to the changing wall and quickly realized the swirls formed a painting of an open window looking out a hill with a single cross on it. She turned to the man and he simply smiled.

Then she understood. The man had set this woman free from her box of secrets. But he had not done so by taking the heavy box from the chain around her neck, he had done so by holding her hand as she broke the lock, opened the lid, and released the secrets. Once she trusted him, he took the darkness of these secrets and made them beautiful.

After that day, the girl felt a mix of excitement and fear. She was tired of running with the heavy box, but was scared of the ridicule that could come should she share her secrets. She did not know what to do, so she simply grabbed the man’s hand and walked along with him.

Many days later, the girl was talking with many other girls and, like the woman, one of these girls opened up her box. Once again, the man swirled his hand through the dark ugliness and changed it to beauty. The girl was scared and felt tears brimming behind her eyes. She looked up at the man and he nodded. She then removed the box from the chain on her neck and began to fiddle with the lock. The man reached over and helped as she broke the lock, opened the box, and released the secrets. Her heart pounded inside of her chest as she explained each swirling black mess. The blackness began to envelope her to where she could no longer see the man.

Then, as the last secret was released, they began to shift. She saw the scarred hand of the man waving among the black. As he waved, the secrets changed from black to red and swept into the holes in his hands and feet. For a moment the man looked as though he was in pain, but then the pained look transformed to a deep smile. As he smiled, the secrets poured out of him shining white as snow. Once they were all out, he swirled his hands to create the beautiful window painting she had seen with the woman.

Immediately the girl understood. This man had long ago taken her secrets and bore the punishment and ridicule for her. She had been walking with him for a while, but did not understand until that day that she could not be free from the weight of those secrets until they were released. She alone carried the ability to pass the box to the man.

From that day on, the girl tried very hard to keep the box open. Secrets would come, threatening to re-lock the box, but each time she would look at the man and he would smile. The smile reminded her that the box would make her tired, not free. As the girl became more and more brave, she began sharing her secrets with many people for she longed to be like the woman who first shared with her. She longed for the man to use her to free others from their boxes so they could run with him.

The girl also had little girls who followed and looked up to her. She loved these little girls so very much and wanted all of them to walk with the man. One day she knew it was time to open her box of secrets for them. She was scared but, once again, the man smiled and showed her it was okay. As she opened the box, she once again saw the blackness emerge and the man change it to the beautiful window masterpiece of his creation.

After this day, one of the little girls told the girl that she, too, had a box of secrets and was tired of running after the man with the box weighing her down. She, too, was ready to open the box and be freed from its weight. The girl wept with joy and thanked the man for his goodness. He smiled and reached out, displaying his scarred hands.

The man was indeed better than any other man the girl had or would ever meet. And even though he took her through hard and scary times, he never let go of her hand.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sad - and not in the boo hoo way

"Sad" thing 1

I have shin splints. STINK! I thought I escaped their horridity when I embraced my hatred of running. But oh no, apparently they're a common injury for dancers.

No, I'm not a dancer, but I have added zumba to my repretoire of workouts. Stepping-up my zumba intensity has in turn created painful-to-the-touch shins.

In the meantime, I'll have to stay away from zumba until my shins are better. Thankfully I already couldn't go to this Saturday or Monday class. I'll just have to keep practicing on the yoga and spin front. Probably would help with zumba anyway!

If anyone has any tips to heal shin splints, let me know! It's been such a long time that I really don't remember...

"Sad" thing 2
I'm hooked to a book I've already read...TWICE!

Memorial Day I was itching for an instantly engaging book so, why not pick one up that I already know has that potential? No brainer, eh?

So now I've found myself hooked to the wizarding world of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And yes, I've unintentionally stayed up until midnight the past two nights reading. A book that I already know how it ends. Wow. That's sort of sad...

Oh how I love Harry, Hogwarts, and it's marvelous ability to suck me into the magicalness. Still a little sad the whole shebang will soon be over come July. :(

So that's it. Shin splints and ridiculous addiction. Hmm...

PS my mom told me that I could be a zumba spokesperson. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Morgan Says Hi

My brother posted these videos this morning and I maybe have watched them four times...

And then we can't leave Kenz out! This is from her dance recital that I saw live. Too cute.