Monday, May 30, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance

As someone who danced for nine years, and has loved dance since I quit to swim competitively, I'm not quite sure how I've never seen so you think you can dance prior to this season. I blame it on the fact that I really don't watch a lot of TV and rarely add new shows to the ones I do watch. But after the first episode of just tryouts, I'm hooked!

And maybe between zumba, yoga, and this show, my childhood dream of being a dancer has returned. :) Well, it never really went away. I still think it'd be awesome to be on broadway, though it'll never happen! Which is so okay; I'm enjoying zumba and appreciating others' talents.

Speaking of dance, I got this new at-home workout yesterday called Barre 3. It's inspired by ballet barre work, pilaltes, and yoga. And man alive did it kick my tail! It will be a nice addition to zumba, yoga, and spin. Hopefully...

In the meantime, looking forward to appreciating dance talents with so you think you can dance!

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