Friday, May 6, 2011

Lazy French

Last Sunday we had our first Haiti team meeting. Although our girls weren't able to go as they had their Providence reunion and although it was more informational, not as much about specific prep, I started to get unbelievably excited. Then last night I was able to talk to a friend who just got back from another Watermark Haiti trip, and hearing her stories deepened the yearning to love on those orphans and share Truth with the Haitians.

Brazil was most definitely challenging, but I know Haiti is going to be hard on a whole new level. The poverty is even more extreme (which is hard to fathom!), voodoo worship runs rampant, there are over 400,000 orphans on the tiny island of Haiti, malnurishment is prevalent (Haiti ranks among the three worst countries in the world in daily caloric intake per person), corrpution is extreme, and of course everyone knows about the devistation from the earthquake. Aside from those things, I've learned the sleeping quarters where we will be have some animal "friends", restroom quarters are a little different since water is a precious commodity, I have a feeling it will be much hotter since we won't have the river breeze, our team is much bigger, and apparently many Haitian children run around without clothes on...interesting. :)

Yet in spite of all the hard things, I cannot wait to go. I know the Lord is doing mighty things in Haiti and I am beyond blessed to get to go. AND to lead high school kids as they give up comforts and things for others!

My friend who just got back said Haitian Creole is sort of like lazy French. That made me laugh as I'm sure French people would never want their language to be deemed lazy. I'm hoping my skills prove useful in communicating.

I'm sure many more stories will come over the coming months as we prepare. And of course I'll be bursting with stories after the trip. I know it's crazy to be this excited about spending a week with a bunch of high schoolers in a third world country - it's all the Holy Spirit, people. Praise Him for opportunities to learn about others, serve, grow, and share Truth.

A bientot, mes amis. (I wonder what that sounds like lazified?) :)