Monday, May 9, 2011

Full (but great) Weekend!

This weekend was NON-STOP. I mean, literally. It was good, just lots going on...and I was in Dallas!

After work we had a happy hour for my planner, Rachel, who left the agency. I'm excited for her newest adventure, but so sad she left. She's a fellow Watermarkian and such a good worker. She left for a career change; thankful I'll still see her around church! And I'm trying to recruit her to join the fabulous student ministries team...

When I got home, two friends had joined my roommate for a little backyard hang-out time. We stayed out for a while, until I saw a rat run on the alley fence and freaked everyone out. (Yes, HP has rats) We transitioned to watch some basketball but didn't make it through the whole game since everyone was tired. (I didn't really care anyway...)

I went to WW in the morning and was excited to have hit another milestone! More charms for the key chain. I then went to spin class since I couldn't go to zumba (sad...). It was good, but not as fun as zumba.

Then a group of us went to Singles in Service to give a field day to sweet kids in South Dallas. It was so much fun and those kiddos were precious. This is my first time serving with Cornerstone Church, but I was surprised by how much these kids reminded me of Brazil. Without even knowing our names or anything about us, they would ask us to pick them up or sit in our laps. I know the incidences of young parents and single-parent families is extremely high in this area and I couldn't help but wonder if they were starved for love and affection from adults. I've heard Haitian kids are the same way. Anyway, we did a lot of playing:

I then made the trek to Ft. Worth for my cousin, Libby's, graduation party! I can't believe this little girl who I helped pick-out her kindergarten school supplies is a college graduate! She's headed to Europe today...jealous. :) Here we are, though I really don't like this picture of me. Erg.

After the party, some friends went to Ozona's for dinner and a little patio time. There were LOTS of laughs between Sarah chanting about the girl wearing the shirt as a dress to Katie's attempts to say certain words without giggling...too darn funny. Love these friends!

I was bad and skipped church. Oops. I don't really think I'm bad, just decided to skip as did Katie.

While I wasn't there, my niece, Morgan, was dedicated on Sunday! The first picture of her is in our family's 101 year old christening gown...yours truly was the last family member to have worn it.

While she was being dedicated, I went through a massive purge. Realistically I should have done so much more, but decided to save for another day. I've become painfully aware of how much I have and decided to first hash through my clothes. I gave away three bags of clothes, including probably a bags worth of clothes that no longer fit. I also decided from now on anytime I buy, get, or make a new item of clothing, I have to give another away. Again, I need to do some more purging (ie my books!) but it felt good to pilfer through my clothes!

I then went to the ole gym for a little elliptical workout. After that Katie and I headed to church as we were participating in the "cardboard testimonies". I was so proud of the kids who shared hard things on their boards! I'm actually quite surprised by my own authenticity, but decided if it helped even one kid not feel alone and/or gain the courage to share with someone, it was worth it.

The weekend finished with a little patio roommate dinner at Gloria's.

Phew! Lots going on. Next weekend will be equally full as I head to Lubbock to meet Morgan!!! And then get back for shoreline and our first team-only Haiti meeting. May is going to be a crazy month between at work and personal stuff.

Next up...Senior Celebration on Wednesday. Bring on the tears. :)