Thursday, May 19, 2011

French Latin

No, this isn't a new form of pig Latin. It's what I secretly wish I was!

Obviously it's no secret to anyone who's known me for longer than, oh, maybe 20 minutes, that I have a deep love and affection for anything French. But, less obvious, is my love of Latin culture! No, I don't mean the dead language, I mean Latin America. Ole!

This love is more confusing to explain as I generally don't love the Spanish language. As our Brazilian friends said, Spanish speakers always sound a tidge on the angry side! Plus, it's just not as pretty as francais, which has a whole "grammar" lesson purely associated to making it sound pretty...liason.

What I love about Latin culture is the food, music, dance, and laid-back attitude with life.

I decided a few weeks ago during Zumba class (Latin-infused dance workout...SO fun) that I wish I was half Latin and half French. Then I'd be tan, know how to dance, speak French, and eat awesome food in my laid-back life!

Sadly I'm just a boring ole American that can't dance, isn't naturally tan, wishes I could speak French, and eats awesome food while wishing my life was more laid-back. Boo.

Maybe, just maybe, a half French, half Latin boy will someday sweep me off my feet... I'd maybe even be okay if he was a Sooner if he had those things! Well, maybe... :)

Till then: A bientot mes amis! Ole!