Monday, May 23, 2011

10 Things

1. We had our very last shoreline with our small group last night. Surprisingly, I wasn't emotional nor have I been about much of the semester ending. I think it's partially because I know we have Haiti. (Side note: that is a line from Casablanca, well sort of. Except they say we'll always have Paris).

2. Saw Something Borrowed this past weekend. It was cute. Not anything I'd want to own, but entertaining.

3. I went to Zumba on Saturday, my favorite of the classes I can attend, for the first time in a while. Two student ministry girls were in the class, too, and they definitely made it amusing! :)

4. I felt weird off-and-on all weekend. I blame stress...

5. Friday night we went to Neighborhood Services for dinner. And decided guys must have an unwritten long-sleeved, button-down, plaid shirt dress code. Every guy there sported one. With jeans.

6. I made some decisions about some things. Of course said decisions were made at the worst possible time. *sigh*

7. This week is going to be insane...but what's new, eh?

8. This Friday I will watch my cousin and six of our girls graduate from high school. How are they old enough to go to college? My cousin is going to UT. And yes, his graduation present consists of an obnoxious amount of orange.

9. I'll also have a lot of family time this weekend. Hoping there's no drama. Maybe we can all sit together and sing kumba ya. Okay, picturing that is seriously giving me a giant laugh...

10. In praying this morning, I feel like I had more questions than answers (and told God that). Striving to seek God more than answers.

Bonus. I'm so ready to get to Haiti. I get more and more excited daily, especially thinking about the sweet kiddos we will be serving and loving on, and the precious time with my girls.