Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lake Getaway

This weekend we had our very last small group retreat out at the lovely Cypress Creek lake. Our LAST one! How did that happen? And how do we only have four more small groups until Senior Celebration? And probably only five left since our girls are jet setting around the world this summer?!? How does that happen? Okay, I have to stop or I'll start to cry...

Our retreat was supposed to be back in February, but was post-poned due to the blizzard of Dallas. While a few girls were not able to come this weekend (or had to leave early to try out for Baylor Cheer!), it could not have been a better weekend. We spent most of the weekend outside enjoying the weather and enjoying one another. Phones barely worked, so there were minimal distractions. We had lots of laughs, lots of sunburns, lots of food (I managed to avoid the snacks, yay!), and lots of time revelling in the beauty and graciousness of the Lord.

Back six years ago when I started this ministry, I thought I'd be married with children by now. Obviously that hasn't happened, but I can truly say with every fabric of my being that, while I do mourn the unfulfillment of my dreams, I have increasing joy. God used this ministry to utterly wreck me for him. He has deepened my affections for him, established my dependance on his word and truth daily, expanded my vision for his Kingdom, and showed me knowing him for him is infinitely better than knowing him for blessings. THAT makes where he has me worth it. I'm grateful that he truly does use all things for my good. And my best is knowing him and being changed to be more like Christ. So thankful for how God used these darling girls to teach me more about his love for me, and all of his people.

Anyway, below are some pictures of the weekend. For some reason blogger is making them grainy and they're backwards in time...oh well. Also bummed I didn't get any with Morgan before she left!
Where'd Molly go?!?

Admiring the sunset

We sang praises to the Father to the tune of Molly playing guitar, the setting sun, the water, and a few bugs. :) Reminded me of our nights in Brazil. Emily attempting a perfect marshmallow Kate's perfect smore...she requested a picture for proof Melissa has the world's shortest skewer! Too funny
We did a lot of this
Lovely co-leaders
The cuties!
Kate learned Free Fallin' that afternoon and decided to serenade us...definitely the slowest version of the song, but funny
We did a lot of this, too
Graham came with us! Camille has baby fever
Making homemade pizza
Sunburned dearies
This picture makes me laugh...a lot.

I also managed to snag a quick video of singing praises. We did a lot of this: on the car ride there and back (to the Passion 2011 ROCKS) and at multiple points throughout the weekend. Praising the Lord with these girls is one of my favorites.

And that's it. Thankfully we made it through the weekend with minimal tears. And, even though we only have a few small groups left, I'm so thankful to go to Haiti with five of our precious girls. Again, if you had told me I'd be going to Haiti with a bunch of high schoolers right before my 30th birthday, I would have told you you're nuts. But I am. And I'm so blessed to get to. And my joy abounds.

Let the Lord be glorified, that we may see your joy. Isaiah 66:5