Sunday, March 13, 2011

You Knit Me Together

Last Saturday we threw my sister in-law, Heather, a baby shower for Morgan Elisabeth. The theme was "borrowed" from my friend Caryn: Psalm 139

For your created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

The decorations were all created by my mom and me, a combination of bibs, burb clothes, onesies, and balls of yarn and sewing spools. It was definitely a fun afternoon, and I hope Heather felt encouraged by our family's love.

Here are pictures from the day. I was having blogger issues so they're all mixed up, but whatever. :)

Hard to read, but it's Psalm 139 written to Morgan.

Jody, my mom, Heather, and McKenzie

My two gifts for Morgan. I seriously could have spent billions of dollars buying/making girly cuteness, but my wallet would not have been so happy. And I do have to eat. :)

McKenzie and my cousin Madison

My aunt, Ann, and me...Aunt and my mom could be twins except the different hair color

My aunt Tucean and cousin Kennedy...their facial expressions are making me laugh

Kenz eating a sausage cheese ball before the party starts. She was excited as those are usually only made at Christmas in the Franks family

Ann and Jody looking at the fabulous baby book Heather's mom made

The Buckley girls, plus me...though I guess I'm still a Buckley girl even though my last name is Franks :) Bonnie, Georgia, my mom, Anna, and Ann.

Since McKenzie loves French like me, I made big sis - little sis shirts in French!

Kenzie's gets an Eiffel Tower since it's bigger. Plus, we're going to move there and live at the top someday :)

Dress and booties

Collection of gifts. So many homemade...we have a talented family!

Jackson (my three-year old cousin and the only boy allowed), Madison, and Kenz being goofy

Quilt Heather's mom made for the nursery
McKenzie being goofy, holding up the dress my mom made for her that matches one of Morgan's baby dresses

Four darling outfits my mom made! She's the one in black
Chest painted by my aunt, Betty, to match the nursery. You'd never know it wasn't purchased at the same store! Along with a few other things, the chest had a pair of cutie socks from FRANCE! My cousin Libby was there recently and got them for her. Oh jealousy... :)

Beautiful afgan that my aunt, Liz made! It also matches the nursery and is sooooo soft! We missed you, Liz!

Baby blanket I made

Knowing her, McKenzie is telling my aunts Betty and Missy and cousin Kelsey something very funny :)

The yummy cupcakes. I only had a little bite...not a big icing person

Bibs and burp cloth

More bibs and burp cloths...the Texas Tech one doesn't really match the shower colors but my mom felt it was necessary :) Morgan's going home outfit is Texas alive my brother is Red Raider crazy :) Good thing Morgan threw a hook 'em horns during one of her ultrasounds

This was a baby blanket of my brother's that my mom saved. She actually got a second that I don't have a picture of. One was made by my grandmother, Mammy and the other by my great-grandmother, Honey

The moms and one sister (me) plus McKenzie. Sadly Heather's sister, Stephani, wasn't able to come

Before the boys left, my brother and me. This is pretty typical...most of our pictures together are somewhat goofy. My dad had just made us both turn around after we tried to skirt it :)

Morgan's name that I made to match her room

Something crazy happened to this picture, but it's my dad, Heather, and brother, A before the boys left
And that's it! In a few short weeks we'll get to meet Miss Morgan Elisabeth. Curious about what she'll look like... :)