Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Social Media Break

In light of my latest revelations as outlined in my previous posting, I decided to fast from social media (aka facebook and twitter) throughout Lent.

I haven't given up anything for Lent in probably 10 years as the Lenten season is not really discussed or a focus within either the Baptist church (which I went to for part of college) or non-denominational churches. I know I didn't fully understand the purpose when I was younger; however, as my relationship with Christ has deepened, the beauty of what the season should represent has intensified.

Fasting from social media has circled around my head a little (along with fasting from alcohol, which I'm also going to do) and, after praying through it, really feel like it is a prime time. The purpose of this fast is not merely to stop, but instead to refocus that time on the Lord. I generally don't spend big hunks of time with social media; however, I do find myself checking the apps throughout the day as I walk between meetings, wait for the elevator, etc. Several months ago I fasted for a week and committed that time to speaking with the Lord and memorizing Scripture. It was SO great. I am confident He will use this time in big ways, too. Even if it's simply to increase my communication with Him throughout the day.

I want to end with saying I in no means am sharing this to seem holy or Pharissee-like; so don't think that if you're tempted to! :) It's purely for accountability and out of a thankful heart for where the Lord is working in my life. Excited for this intentional time of centering my heart around Him, as I study the life of Jesus, and reflect on the beyond-comprehension meaning of the Lenten season.