Monday, March 28, 2011


Yesterday I finished this book. It was so interesting! It's a little difficult to describe without giving away too much, but essentially it's written from the perspective of a five-year old boy who has lived his entire life in an 11x11 foot room with just his mom. I can't tell you how they ended up in this room and why, as it means more to learn this along with Jack. I will say it takes some getting used to at first as he is so starved for community (hello, we were created for community!) that he befriends inanimate objects in his surroundings: Table, Rug, Meltedy Spoon. The author most definitely brings you into the mind of children who see the world in a straight-forward yet magical way. Check it out. My next book brings me back to the 70s in Iran, directly before the revolution: Rooftops of Tehran. Yay for historical fiction! Happy reading people!