Tuesday, March 1, 2011


A few weeks ago, we had our very last DTown with the girls. I still can't believe how quickly these years have past, and I can't believe the little 7th graders I started with are nearing the end of high school. A few tears were definitely shed among the group throughout the weekend, but they were happy tears. Tears of thankfulness for God's faithfulness throughout these years. Amazing.

The weekend was fun as well, and very small group-centric, chill, and full of service. We skipped the Saturday game to serve longer...great decision. Not only were our eyes open to the world of CPS, but we were hopefully able to bless all of the families and social workers who grace its presence daily. Prayerful their hearts were opened to Truth even as they were served.

Rather than ramble on, I'll just share some pictures. They're a mix of iPhone and camera pictures, hence the blurriness of some.

Our perfectionists decorating one of the now-clean CPS rooms

We loved being able to spruce-up the rooms, even in decorating the dull walls!

Cleaning out the nasty books...seriously, there was so much grossness there, and to think kiddos spend lots of time week-in and week-out in this environment! Thankful for all the toy donators.
This outlines a lot of our weekend...enjoying one another. Senior year sure is fun!

Okay, this isn't DTown, but proud of Miss Molly helping to lead worship at shoreline. It's crazy as I remember when she was learning guitar and now she's pretty darn amazing

We only stayed at the Saturday night karaoke/inflatable party for a little while...they're dancing to some random country song. My favorite is Emily in the front (SMU shirt)

Two of my three who were at DTown...Anna was at another event here and we missed Margaret and Lilly all weekend!

The Galvin Jam Band. They've come a long way from the middle school dances, though I sometimes miss those...particularly White and Nerdy

More from CPS post cleaning

Our little perfectionists sorting the gross toys/books...they were later scrubbing the floors

Washing the walls covered with who-knows-what

The gang (sans Emily!) at Friday night club

This is really from a small group dinner, not DTown. Four of my five girls. And don't mind my dopey hat...I think maybe I can't pull it off

Three of my dearies!

Okay, this isn't DTown either, nor is it a picture from the past 15 years. Yep, this is 12-year old Sarah with 5-year old Libby. I ran across this at home and took a picture of the original with my iPhone. It makes me laugh in big ways...1. why on earth am I giving Libby and random child (no idea who that is, it's not another cousin) a concert and 2. why is Libby so entranced? Too funny.