Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowy Days

So, I'm the first to admit that I generally love colder weather. Granted, my favorite temps are in the 30s and 40s, when you can wear a coat, scarf, and gloves and be a-okay, not the frozen tundra-like temps.

I also used to love snow days. I still remember with fondness the year we missed a week of school in Virginia due to a giant snow storm. Sure, we couldn't drive out of our neighborhood, but that didn't stop us from covering our feet with plastic bags inside our shoes, bundling up, and grabbing our boogie boards to use as make-shift sleds. I also remember the night my dad woke us up to take a walk in the snow in the middle of the night. It was so cool...a deep quiet as the flakes settled on the ground, lighting up the neighborhood as the moonlight reflected off the crystals. Definitely a favorite life memory.

Now, as an adult, I'm not a big fan of snow days... I'm sure I wouldn't mind them if I was able to sit cozily in my jammies with a warm cup of coffee, but instead they always seem to fall amidst insane times at work. This week being no exception. I found myself driving to the office at 5:30 last night to gather materials to work until 10pm and then to turn around at 6am and start the whole process again. Busy days are certainly made more stressful when it takes twice as long to get anywhere and you're working with a skeleton crew! Thankfully everything was submitted and, although it's still a busy day, feels less stressful.

I'm also a little sad. We have our very last small group retreat planned for this weekend at one of our girls' lakehouses. As of now, it's looking like we may have to cancel unless roads clear-up early enough on Saturday to make the drive worth it for less than 24 hours (we're already fairly certain we'll have to cancel Friday night). This is such a disappointing possibility. My girls are really looking forward to the weekend and we have special things planned to encourage them. I'm still hopeful...

I hope all of you have enjoyed your snow days (if you're in a snow/ice-filled area). I'm incredibly thankful to have a job to rush off to, the blessing of girls who love the Lord and love others, a roof over my head, and food in my pantry. I know my frustrations are minor in comparison to the struggles of others. But I do miss the snow days of imaginative childhood. :)