Monday, January 17, 2011

Yodeling Ventriliquist Beauty Queen

Saturday night a few friends went to dinner at the yummy Patrizio's. Although it was chilly, we ate on the heated patio and pretended we were in a far-off European village.

Since it was a dreary, gross day, we all were in the mood for a chill evening. What better than to watch the Miss America pageant, right?!? When I first heard that was the plan, I wasn't so sure I'd participate as I hadn't watched a pageant in 15+ years. But then I didn't have any better plans. Oh. My. Gosh. It was pretty hilarious and quite fun to watch.

Our favorite contestant was Miss Arkansas. Although she was 2nd place, she was the winner in our book. I mean, who can beat a yodeling ventriliquist in a sparkly red jumpsuit??? Here, see for yourself:

Katie decided she wants this to be her new talent. She's currently practicing with her hands, but I see a puppet purchase in her future... :)