Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Turning Around Annoyance

To be quite frank, today I'm annoyed. Some things are pretty minor, but since there are some bigger annoyances, too, they seem to be magnified. In the span of the past few days, the following has occurred:

1. I learned that my upstairs neighbor asked the landlord to wait to fix the leak in her daughter's shower that has been creating a royally disgusting mess in mine for two+ weeks until after their Christmas party on Saturday. Mind you I haven't been able to use it in this time frame. Seriously? A party? Ugh...

2. Two buttons on my favorite Ugg boots cracked this morning and a piece broke off of one of them. They're not in warranty anymore, so I'm hoping I can figure out a way to fix it. Thankfully they're the inside buttons...

3. I was late to work. No, not past 8:29:59, but arrived right as they were shutting the door for Wednesday Morning Meeting. And one of my new planners was presenting...

4. I'm currently dealing with a GIANT error on the part of a former TRG employee. I'm really, really hoping our print negotiating supervisor can get us out of it or else it'll be bad with the client...

5. I learned some incredibly sad news about a situation in one of my girls' families which just breaks my heart, particularly as we try to love her and one of my other girls in the midst of an excruciating family situation, too.

6. I got a new account today that, as of yesterday, was handled by the boyfriend of one of my other bosses who was let go. I didn't know him and don't know her well (she's a new boss), but I just feel awkward and sad for them.

7. My car has been starting strangely since it got colder. It's annoying me as I'm nervous for something worse but crossing my fingers it's just cold. I mean, the car is German, it shouldn't get sad at temperatures in the 30s!

And so now, I'm letting it go and recognizing that each of these issues, big and small, are not a surprise to God and WILL ultimately be used for good, regardless of how they turn out today or tomorrow. For I'm striving to know the Lord your God is God; he is THE faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands. Deuteronomy 7:9

And I'm turning the annoyance into JOY. Joy in the above affirmation and in the good things I do see today; things such as:

1. Finding out if I'll have a niece or nephew...TODAY!!

2. Thankfulness that both of my precious girls in the midst of hard things refused to go at it alone and chose to tell me and eventually the entire small group.

3. Fun pink Christmas trees!

4. Peppermint coffee in my snazzy Christmas mug

5. And we still have cinnamon and chocolaaaaaaaaaaaate!!!!

Thank you, Lord, for helping me turn mourning into dancing. Annoyance into joy. Frustrations into praises. And for this most beautiful season celebrating the birth of salvation and ultimate love.