Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elle est une petite bebe!

Bring on the sparkles, princesses, pink, and all things girly for new Baby Franks is a GIRL! Yep, my brother will be surrounded with more glittery, girliness and I'm sure McKenzie will teach her all the ways of princesses and barbie.

She is looking fabulously healthy and weighing in at 12oz (which means nothing to me...) and is set to make her way into the world on or around April 28th. Apparently she has a name, but Adam and Heather are keeping it under wraps for now. I'm sure it'll be perfect!

Bring on the girly baby sewing. I'm going to have to show some restraint, I have so many ideas... :)

Thank you, Lord, for this most precious blessing. We are thankful for the life you are knitting together and are praying now for you to save her and use her in mighty ways for your glory. Blessed to be her aunt.