Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crazy Busy!

Today has been one of those days where I have so many things on my must do list that are all equally important and a multitude of emails flooding in that I needed to take a minute break to resort my brain. Sometimes I get too rattled and wind up in a tizzy, so have learned those situations require a few minutes away from the work to think about something else. So of course that something else today is the work!

Back in August, one of my accounts left the agency. I had worked on this account for over three years and it was a substantial piece of business. It was most definitely an insane account, but they only advertised three times a year so the insanity was somewhat contained. Plus, it was one account so we could always ask the client to prioritize their "must haves", which we did frequently. After this account left, rather than fill it with another equally-sized one, I was given multiple smaller accounts (smaller in budgets) to fill it. I'm definitely thankful for a change of pace, new learning experiences, and an expanded list of my already diverse client experience, but I must say I'm overwhelmed. And these changes came in the midst of hard personal things, which always happens, right? :)

I now have:
1. 10 accounts - my historical high was four; also seven of those are currently active, five in planning season
2. Four group directors - previously had two, three of these current four are new for me
3. Four new planners - two are right out of school and two are new to the agency and each have very different styles, understanding, and need to be trained differently
4. Seven brand management teams

It is definitely a challenge and I'm continually navigating the best way to get things done while also managing my teams, but am thankful for new experiences. I will also be thankful for a respite over Christmas to empty my mind and rest with the fam.

Okay, now back to it so I can finish my 10 item must do on 12/15 list! :)