Friday, December 17, 2010

Colonial Christmas

My family lived in Yorktown, Virginia, the home of the British Army surrender in the Revolutionary War, for four years throughout my middle and most of high school years. I think it's safe to say, all four of us fell in love with the rich history, beautiful landscapes, proximity to the ocean (we lived on a peninsula in the Chesapeake Bay), and the four seasons! One of our most favorite places, though, is about 30 minutes north of Yorktown, a perfectly preserved look into American history: Colonial Williamsburg.

Williamsburg is one of my most favorite places on earth as it is steeped with amazing history and very fond family memories. And my most favorite time to attend is Christmas. Williamsburg encapsulates the coziness and family-focus of Christmas better than any place I have been. I'm sure there are places that rival it's Christmas beauty and fun, but it's certainly a favorite for me and was our Christmas home for three of our four years in Virginia.

This week, it's snowing in the Tidewater area which makes me want to go even more! I loved when it snowed in Virginia, so am definitely jealous of those folks today! In any case, I'm here in Dallas where there is no snow in sight and you can easily walk outside sans coat. So instead, I thought I'd share a few images from this Christmas wonderland. I hope you enjoy! And if you ever have the opportunity to have a Colonial Christmas, do it. It's fabulous.

The decorations in Williamsburg are all colonial-style made from fruit and foliage. They are amazingly beautiful!

One of my favorite traditions was to get a cup of wassail with cinnamon and a gingerbread cake. Although a poor image, the above picture is exactly how the cakes look! The wassail was typically served in a paper cup if you bought one while walking on the street

King's Arm Tavern was our host for Christmas dinner for several years. We thoroughly enjoyed having a traditional colonial-style Christmas dinner! Triple yum.

Christmas Eve we always went up for the firing of the Christmas guns and the lighting of the tree. The fife and drum corp would march in, they'd shoot off the guns, and everyone shouted "hazza!"
I mean seriously, gorgeous!
This is the iconic image of Williamsburg, the Governor's Palace

And this is a book on how to make your own Williamsburg Christmas decorations! Yes, I have it. No, I did not buy it. :)