Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pillows & Mockingjays & Uggs Oh My!

Today, even thought the forecast is in the 60s, I bit the bullet and wore my Uggs! Why? Because I wanted to. Plus, lots of people have busted out boots and such. I did pair them with a half-sleeved dress so as to not look like an eskimo in the 60 degree weather. Regardless, they make me very happy!

Stop the phone and pick up this book! I'm fully hooked to the series. So much so that, even though a friend offered to let be borrow the third and final book, I couldn't wait so ran out to get it yesterday since I had a coupon! I love good books.
I will say, don't judge it by the back description. When the plot is explained, it sounds crazy. But I promise, it's really good.

Woo hoo for learning new sewing skills! Here is my pillow from my CityCraft class. I learned how to make custom bias tape, custom cording (and to attach it!), inserting an invisible zipper, which all let to the above pillow! I have a bunch of old pillow forms at home, so think I'll try my hand at some more pillows for my bedroom once the Christmas crafting is complete. Thinking fun trim and some embroidery next time...
And finally, I'm ALMOST done with Christmas shopping! One present left to get. Now, I still have a few things to finish making, but all-in-all, doing pretty dang well.