Friday, October 29, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

This is in Strasbourg, France...isn't it all purty Christmasy?!

My body has decided it’s Christmastime. And who can argue with that, right?


Turns out my sickness of the week is a viral infection. Wednesday night I noticed a weird red spot on both of my legs. I thought it was strange, but chalked it up to dry skin (or a little internet diagnosis, but I’ll spare you on that one…). Then Thursday morning I noticed my back, tummy, and arms were covered with these same spots. I convinced myself said internet diagnosis must have gotten out of control and doused myself in my heavy-duty, dyshidrosis lotion attempting to remove the spots. I mentioned it to my mom, who then urged me to see the doctor knowing it could be related to my sickness, such as scarlet fever or something. I was perfectly happy to avoid a doctor visit as I’m pretty sure my doctor thinks I’m a wee bit nuts based on the plethora of bizarro diseases/issues I’ve had.

Nonetheless, I decided to listen to my mom and my doctor squeezed me in yesterday afternoon. Yep, mom was right. I have a particular viral infection that creates a non-contagious rash. Thankfully it’s all coverable and won’t spread to my face. Sadly there's no way to cure it since it's a virus so it has to run its course and it may or may not hurt/itch soon (fingers crossed it stays dormant!!). But my favorite part is the pattern this rash creates on a person’s back, including mine, is a Christmas tree!

Therein lies why my body is starting to celebrate Christmas.

I will say, I won’t miss this October and the surplus of incidences. Bring on my second favorite month of the year, November! (In case you’re curious, December is my favorite. I generally like all months of Ber, with each building to the bestest one).

One funny doctor's office visit adventure, I swear there was a couple in the waiting room on a first date. It was a little awkward listening to them converse and they talked loudly. All I have to say is, I certainly would not find a doctor’s waiting room a stellar first date…

And finally, it’s a little weird today. All student ministry folks are prepping to head to the Hideaway retreat and I’m not joining. I’ve been every year, but considering we really only have one and a half girls going (one girl is heading there tomorrow) and I need some rest time, it’s for the best. But it’s still weird since it’s senior year. I plan to squelch that weirdness with a whole lot of creativity, though. Gotta get started on Christmas presents since my body says it's time! :)

So have a happy Halloween and an early merry Christmas!