Thursday, October 28, 2010

Month of Challenges

This week, I got sick. Not the end of the world, I know, but it came at an obnoxious time as it collided with a month of hard things. Realistically, that’s probably why I was more susceptible to sickness as my lovely dyshidrosis also decided this week would be a good time to flare up, but nonetheless, obnoxious. Although I’m not a 100%, I’m feeling better today, which is good. And I am thankful to have had two solid days of pretty much just sleeping knowing I have good teams at work who gladly pitched-in when I was under the weather.

Anyway, that’s not the purpose of today’s post. Over the past few days (well, excluding the sick days), I’ve been thinking about a few things. The first is a saying my college creativity professor said quite frequently (yes, I took a creativity class in college…it was for my major): some people die when they’re 25 but aren’t buried until they’re 75. The second is how to relish the beauty of each day as I’ve realized the majority of our lives is full of the day-to-day mundane, so obviously God wants us to use those moments to bring him glory and to be thankful for those, not just the weekends or big things. The last is an inspiration from an incredibly creative mom who I don’t know, but adore following her blog. Although most of her entries are child-related, they burst with fun and creativity and I love seeing how she inspires imagination in each day (side note: I fully recognize that a blog only shows one side of her life, but that is the side I’m inspired by :)).

So, the combination of these things brought me to an idea, one that both excites and terrifies me. For the month of November, I’m committing to doing something each day that challenges me. Now, since that’s a little on the ambiguous side, I had to create a few rules:

1. Each day, I have to implore the Lord to lead me in the day’s challenge as I ultimately want whatever it may be to be about him and richen my relationship with him
Yes, some of these challenges will be fun, but God created fun so I know that blesses him!
2. The challenge can be big (such as bungee jumping, which will not happen…) or small (such as trying a new recipe)
3. The challenge can take different forms: it could be physical, emotional, creative, spiritual
4. I cannot do the exact same challenge more than once in the 30 days
I.e. I cannot try a new recipe two days; however, if it’s spiritual, having a hard conversation or sharing Christ with two different people does count (don’t ask me why, but it does :))

The purpose of this month of challenges, in my mind at least, is to see the beauty in and learn to better walk each day with purpose as opposed to “saving it up” for the big stuff (events, weekends, retreats, vacations, what-have-you).

I’d like to blog about each day, but realistically that may not happen. So I’ll blog as often as I can.