Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blurry Blob Baby

Meet my newest niece or nephew! To be honest, he/she looks more like a blurry blob than a baby to me, but I'm most definitely not trained in the sonogram viewing. Baby is 12 weeks old, due in April right around Easter! We'll find out if McKenzie has a little brother or sister on December 1st...just in time for a little Christmas present for the little one! (yes, I know giving a Christmas present to an unborn baby may seem bizarre, but I'm a present-giving lover and already have some ideas in the ole brain...just need to know boy or girl!)

My brother is convinced the baby is a boy. And that he is giving the antler sign for the Rangers in this picture. He has also already decided that he will follow in his big sister's footsteps (who's five mind you...) and become a Red Raider. McKenzie can be the masked rider and Baby Boy can play football. Yes, he's officially out of control. And you can bet your bottom dollor baby will get something with a little orange in it... ;)

All that to say, I'm excited to meet the little one in what will likely be a few short months. And seeing him/her for the first time, even if the picture does look like a blurry blob, was a sweet gift for our family today.