Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life Through the Lens of Seinfeld

I sometimes think aspects of my life would make a really good Seinfeld episode. I mean, the show already captured quite a few of my bizarro pet peeves/experiences such as muffin tops (I always eat them upside down), flip your dog’s ear over!, the soft talker, Master of the House getting stuck in your head… In light of the hard days I’ve had, there have been some would-be incredibly frustrating incidences that I’ve been able to make more amusing by imaging how Jerry, Kramer, George, and Elaine would handle them. Always leads to a smile.

Situation 1
I am an incredibly hard sleeper and it’s near-impossible to wake me up when I’m deep in sleep. I’ve slept through hurricane-force winds blowing my bedroom window in and only waking up when I was wet, fire alarms, etc. When I went to college, my parents were actually worried I would have trouble waking up so I slowly had to train myself to hear and wake up to my alarm. I now set four, different sounding alarms and wake up very quickly as I hate the sound! Part of my hard sleeping is the trusty built-in earplug.

Okay, now you have the stage set…Sunday night, hard asleep. But then I suddenly am woken by a loud bang at which I shoot up in bed and sort of flail my arms about. I’m sure that in and of itself was comical should someone have seen me. At first I think it must be close to wake-up time since I woke up so easily and know 8th grade girl living above me is a loud one, particularly in the morning. But then I notice I still feel exhausted so I click my phone and it’s 2am!! The banging continues, and it literally sounds like said 8th grader is bowling in her room. Maybe with some trolls. Seriously?

What would Elaine do in this situation? I’m envisioning something reminiscent to the episode when her neighbor leaves town with his alarm on and his cat without food. Kramer’s meat slicer was introduced to quiet the starving cat…

Situation 2
Background again. My mom is Grammar Queen extraordinaire and continually cut us off mid-sentence to correct a grammar error and always edited our reports or presentations. I have countless memories of her stopping me saying “ly?” or “you went to the store with I?” or “you like went to school?” It was definitely obnoxious at times and something we still joke with my mom about, but all-in-all, these grammar correcting antics shaped my brother and me into better communicators, which we’re grateful for. Along with this, I know I am a decent writer. Of course I have lots of room for growth (i.e. I can get wordy…), but know this is an area I am skilled and love to do!

Stage set… So yesterday I sent a reminder to the media group for our Wednesday Morning Meeting presentation today in which I said “join us for the first team presentation with Matt, Ashley, Colleen, and me.” There was a little more to it, but that’s the gist. A little while later I get an email from a person in media who is very high up that just said “and I.” Oh no, enters Sarah’s ridiculous grammar neuroses. I knew my sentence structure was correct, yet wanted to be teachable so forwarded the note to my mom and a proofer here. Both confirmed I was correct and the proofer suggested I correct this person. However, I wasn’t super comfortable with that and didn’t know if it would be beneficial as she is a superior; my boss agreed so I deleted it and didn’t respond. But my pride is annoyed as the email was pretty snarky and I was right! God is teaching me to let it go…

I think this situation would include George as he obsesses over random things to the point of personal embarrassment.

So there you have it. Yes, it’s quite ridiculous that I’m amusing myself by envisioning how random situations would exist in the world of television. Next up, a Friends episode, and we all know how much I love those six buds...