Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Katie K

I have the quite possibly the funniest roommate ever. Part of the reason she's so funny, is she doesn't realize how funny she is, so everything comes out humbly.
As I've said before, our upstairs neighbors can be a little on the loud side, often leaving us reminiscing about the blissful quiet we experienced last year when it was vacant. Since it wouldn't be appropriate for us to give them walking lessons or burst upstairs when they're yelling at each other (it's a teenage girl and her mom...), we've taken to joking about the noise.
Last night, Katie had the hilariously brilliant idea to start our own screaming match to maybe show them how loud they are. I thought she was joking and told her I'm not really a screamer, unless we ran across a gross roach or something, but she wasn't having it. For the next minute, any time Katie wanted to say something to me, she screamed it and I simply laughed.
Sadly, I don't think it helped as there were trolls marching upstairs this morning. Regardless, it made for some Monday laughs, and we all need those.
Oh KK, blessed to have you as a roommate and friend.
PS for those of you who are curious by the intro picture, she's teaching us a dance move. Yes, Katie can not only speak ghetto, but she's a darn good ghetto dancer... :)